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  1. Struggling with a cold.

    Someone send me help pls.


    1. Cymette


      Elderberry syrup! I swear by it. I get rather sickly every winter and nothing has ever worked as well for me in both prevention and recovery from colds/flus as elderberry. :thumbsup:

    2. Moan


      Thanks babes i'll have to check it out! Literally everyone that lives here is sick lol i was the last one to get it. 

      My mom started it.


  2. New GASR Moderators!!!

    Congrats to you both!
  3. I'm so happy!

     @Sorcellydid such an amazing job on my custom.

    I knew she would slay.

    She's super talented i almost feel too lucky to have such a beautiful piece of artwork!

    Thank you so much for another stunning piece.

    I'll cherish it. 


    1. Sorcelly


      Omg thank you so much hun. :lazeblush:

    2. Moan


      No need to thank me love!

      You deserved to be appreciated.

      You bless us with your talent!

      So, THANK YOU. 


      I'll be back to stalking your shop once again. 

      Always worth it.


  4. ecardub0bf7_13926.jpg

    :gettingaway: We did it baby girl! Soo proud of us.  :eue:

    1. Cymette


      I got so excited when I saw your form got up in time (and then I realized I needed to stop reading it and scroll faster for I could get mine up too, heehe)! I love your display picture too. Is that custom you got from Capsule in the last auction? What a dream she is; you make some of the prettiest orders! :blush: I've been saving up slowly in hopes I can win an auction and one day get a custom for my little snake babe too. I'm really gonna have to fill up my piggy bank, but I won't give up!:bgoodjob:

    2. Moan


      Yess BBG it is my custom from the auction! Girly i was soo soo soo excited to post my form. Legit have been stalking for days since i know i missed the two other times to post a form.  I'm gonna have to create a whole new OC just in case she ends up opening up the slots again after us. Heh. I'm super addicted to getting art from @Capsule & @Sorcelly . Those two ladies are my two TOP picks when it comes to getting a custom done. They always seem to impress me whether it's my request or someone else's order. Couldn't be happier that you were able to snag a slot as well. I love the other custom she just did for you. I feel as if you & i tend to have similar taste when it comes to who we order from and the OC itself. i love it. :fartsies:

  5. I think i have an art addiction problem. :gross: Can't stop buying premades from @Sorcelly   :lazecry:

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    2. Moan


      awhh! hah thanks babe. :byaslove:

    3. Cymette


      Haha, you deff have an art addiction problem. I've seen you at the meetings.
      ; D

    4. Moan


      Hahahah! It's really bad. :lazecry:

  6. I see you creeping. 👀

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