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  1. @Mattie Sent the payment! Thanks again for accepting the commission it turned out wonderful!
  2. @Mattie Oooh looks good to me! Could her tails have a little less green in them? I feel like the original image has a lot more blues/purples than greens.
  3. No worries its a bit hard to tell from how the original character was drawn so I wrote it in the description of the file! Can't wait to see the next WIP its turning out amazing!
  4. Looks great to me! Just a quick mention she does have 7 tails so not sure if you want to add 2 more tail tips so all her tails are pointed up or if thats a 6th tail pointed toward the bottom?
  5. KiraRaeLynn


    Awesome I'll be on the look out!
  6. ▲▲ Type commission: Drawing Waist Text(Only DP's): Kira Visual References/OC album: Boop Background story/Personality: Listed in the stash though if a detailed background story is needed I'll have to type it up pose: X or X or X Extra: Price: 16€ after the 20% discount? Paypal E-mail: Will PM once accepted Did you read my Terms of Services?: Yep! 3 times because I thought there was a password that I missed >////<
  7. KiraRaeLynn


    Quick question, are your slots open or closed? The headline says your shop is full but your post says slots are open? Either way love your work will stalk for slot if you're full!
  8. KiraRaeLynn

    🐾 G r u m p ♡ collab shop | 2 |

    Oof this shop looks killer! Can't wait to see some collabs, but in the mean time that female and male premades are on point!!!!!!
  9. KiraRaeLynn

    ❀ ᴄᴀᴋᴇ ʀᴏʟʟ ❀ 4 ❀

    I'm loving this retro anime style! Can't wait to see some darker/gothic ones or a red head!
  10. KiraRaeLynn

    Eye Candy ♥

    What are you Ordering?: Waist Up DP Text: Amlore Gender: Male Hair Reference(Style and Color): Eye Color: OC: Amlore Vulcuri Skin Reference/s: See Above Link Clothing Reference/s: See Above Link Accessories: See Above Link Extra: Feel free to have artistic freedom!
  11. KiraRaeLynn

    ☾ The Night Court | Premade Shop ☽ 1 NEW!

    @Noxey Galaxy girl might be something you would like
  12. KiraRaeLynn

    ☾ The Night Court | Premade Shop ☽ 1 NEW!

    I could never hate you Cruton xD Here is proof
  13. KiraRaeLynn

    ☾ The Night Court | Premade Shop ☽ 1 NEW!

    Premade Name: Yin Text: Kira Watermark: KiraRaeLynn Extras: N/A Code: Interview With A Vampire - Anne Rice Price: $25 Premade Name: Yang Text: Paige Watermark: Amethyst Code: Queen Of The Damned - Anne Rice Price: $25 Edit: Is the person who placed items on hold in discord lmao

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