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  1. Miwako

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    *Squee* THATS SETTLED THEN @VEITY! I'm going to start working on a form.
  2. Miwako

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    Oh ma gawsh if your open for couples that would be amazing!!!!
  3. Miwako


    Sorry to ask @Mint are you still working on our order from June or have you moved on to July orders? xxx
  4. Miwako


    @Mint Golden lion armor please but I won't be disappointed if you'd be more comfortable drawing it as fur either. 😄 x
  5. Miwako


    @Mint Yeah, to sum it up- I think I'd like my female to be smaller than Suzy in height if possible. Along with a see through long skirt like Suzy's so the butt isn't as exposed? Bigger butt to match Suzy's size. Also, with the lion golden head. Thank you. xxx
  6. Miwako


    @Suzy I think your female suits Aries down to a tee. Not so sure about my females butt and height. I guess it can be over looked. What do you think? As long as you're happy with it. x @Mint Sorry if it's a little confusing but she was supposed to wear a golden lion head to represent her star sign being a Leo.~
  7. Miwako


    So pretty! *Squee* Oh my gosh Mint can't wait for you to open again! Me and my friend have a form ready!
  8. Miwako

    ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ 1 premade up ]

    Fingers crossed i'll nab one soon! Exciting, keep up the good work Lulu. xxx
  9. Miwako

    ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ 1 premade up ]

    Missed the notifications again due to work, damn it. Maybe one day. xxx
  10. Miwako

    ◤ G H O S T ◢ temp closed

    Haiii bb @Ayumi! So glad you're a mod now, you deserve it. Keeping an eye on de art. xxx
  11. Miwako

    ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ 1 premade up ]

    What shall be will be! I will hopefully snag a kawaii one next time now that I'm able to post here. Good work Lulu! xxx
  12. Miwako

    ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ 1 premade up ]

    I'm recommending a cute alien theme to keep in mind as well ! xxx
  13. Miwako

    ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ 1 premade up ]

    Such a shame Summer isn't my skin tone because it's so cute! xxx
  14. Miwako

    ◤ G H O S T ◢ temp closed

    Waiting game hehe. c:
  15. Didn't know you did couples omg so lovely!

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