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About Me


Hi There!~♥

I'm an amateur artist and art enthusiast.

I live and breathe art, video games, and knowledge.

I just recently became confident enough to sell my own art.

Help a girl out and check out my shops.~



Things about me:


My star sign: Taurus

I am possibly the nicest person you will ever meet.


Subject   |   Likes   |   Dislikes

Food   |   Japanese, Chinese, GRAVY   |   Sauerkraut,  Bell Peppers, Oysters

Colors   |   Black, White, Pastels   |   Browns, Yellows, Grays

Travel Locations   |   Japan, England, Ireland   |   None

Soft Drinks   |   Sprite, Dr.Pepper, Rootbeer   |   Mountain Dew

Fast Food Places   |   Subway, Wendys, Taco Bell   |   Krystals

Seasons   |   Winter, Fall, Spring   |   Summer


More may come later~



Some of my favorite Artists/People here on GASR:










More may come later~

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