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  1. Risky

    Other Games

    anyone got fall out 76 for pc
  2. Risky

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

  3. Risky

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    ☆Single or Couple: couple ☆Style: 1 ☆Size: dp ☆References: him & her ☆Pose: this! ☆Expression: there is some in the ref but whatever you think will suit the pose c; ☆Animation: sparkling eyes in the girl! ☆Background (Ideas); go with the flow ☆Text: chan/sam ☆Extra: can we put the daisy behind her ear or in her hair somewhere? if possible! ☆Price: €22.75 (think i worked it out right this time lmk)
  4. Risky

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    @MimiOMG, I LOVE IT<3
  5. Risky

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    @Mimi no problem hunny! i'm probably gonna make another order in style 1
  6. Risky

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    @Mimi sent! with a little tip proof
  7. Risky

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    @Mimi omg! this is so cute would you like me to pay now?
  8. aww don’t worry about it! no rush either i will definetly be back for more art from you 😈🙈
  9. proof I sent you a tip also <3
  10. ooof no this is perfect!!! will send now ❤️
  11. Risky

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    yes perfectly fine!<3
  12. Risky

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    ✦Make me some art✦ ☆Single or Couple: Couple ☆Style: 2/3 ☆Size: DP ☆References:her & him ☆Pose: this or this ☆Expression: happy smirking! whichever looks best ☆Animation: blinking ☆Background (Ideas); erm whatever you think suits ( i suck at deciding on backgrounds) ☆Text: Chan & Sam // sxts & sepn ☆Extra: i'll link more pose ideas here just incase you're not happy with them two ☆Price: 13.80€
  13. Risky

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    are you still accepting orders?

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