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  1. I love it so much hun you seriously did an amazing job!
  2. I love it so much it came out so great also I sent payment https://gyazo.com/a7934e5e2e91b928514204744e161569
  3. -- Style of commission. pixel with 2 characters Price $8 ---Send Reference from your oc´s or the character. https://gyazo.com/90418b40361a08cd6b312ba732a374b1 My and my Boyfriend ---Tell me te situation or what do you want exactly.Something cute with me and him gaming together and cuddling -- Details about the commission. since it doesn't really show the bottom half of me and him I usually wear Yoga pants and he usually wears jeans and for shoes he wears tennis shoes and i usually wear vanz
  4. I sent payment https://gyazo.com/f8e263234a59a55c1fd4540352cc302f I love her so much you did so good!!
  5. Ok and its totally fine :D no rush your art is so worth the wait !
  6. Style of commission. Pixel art ---Send Reference from your oc´s or the character.https://sta.sh/226iw1v3z8nx all the info about her is there ---Tell me te situation or what do you want exactly.Shes a witch so something with her her casting a spell or something else of that nature -- Details about the commission.have fun with her she one of my new ocs i adopted from someone and could you make a DP version for my imvu ?
  7. I love her you did so good x3 i'm so happy with her
  8. --- Style of commission.Pixel art ---Send Reference from your oc´s or the character.https://gyazo.com/7c3ada1a73db4677d3bf255e709f00a3 ---Tell me te situation or what do you want exactly.Just have fun with her she's an adopt i bought with no art so free artistic freedom -- Details about the commission.free artistic freedom

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