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  1. help!! was thinking of switching from medibang paint to photoshop cs6 :lldance:  i'm pretty comfortable with medibang but i feel like i can do so much more with photoshop?? and the thing about using medibang for my art is i have to move them to gimp after to make my animations and i kinda feel like gimp fucks with the quality too much to be my preferred program ahhhh 


    should i delete my medibang n gimp n try out photoshop? i have no space on my laptop for all three lol 😞

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    2. Xeno


      @Tao oooh yes i've heard about Krita but i hear it has many little buggies, im also on an old laptop so i'm scared it won't run as well 😧 but thank u for this recommendation i think i'll try it out when i get a new laptop

    3. Tao


      yea it is a bit, I work with Paint tool Sai, Ps, and Krita on at the same time. PS & Krita always make each other crash or my graphics card crash, but  still love it. You do need a stronger computer tho, or it will be slow

    4. UNH1NGED


      @Xeno I have Photoshop CC, it's a 2017 version though (at least the one I have) o_o

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