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  1. drop ya refs (POLL)

    hi folks!!!!!! i have successfully moved to a new laptop lol i am using medibang paint for the moment and i found a suitable tablet driver! stilling setting up the pen pressure n all so give me until tomorrow night to start art-ing again! thanks!!!!!!
  2. drop ya refs (POLL)

    I am the biggest cheapskate, so if i settle with photoshop, i'm going to need a free version hehehehehe andddd i've tried medibang but i prefer sai! I will try it again though. thank you!!
  3. drop ya refs (POLL)

    bumpuuuuuu HI guys I switched to a different laptop so I need to install my tablet driver n shit on here!! can anyone tell me if Paint Tool Sai is any good on a Mac? is it even compatible? i hear it isn't but imma try and see, i will continue arting once i have a stable art application lol
  4. drop ya refs (POLL)

    @llSensi; hi bb!! i did an avatar repaint for u :)
  5. drop ya refs (POLL)

    ok beebs quick bumpppp, im finally sitting down n im gonna draw now
  6. drop ya refs (POLL)

    hiiii beybies my gasr is working now!!! I'm still in a class so imma make the stuff later tonight! :) (drop more forms!!)
  7. drop ya refs (POLL)

    Bump!! Hi guys, quick update, my laptop is messing everything up and I can’t go to GASRforum.net, thus here i am, currently using a phone lol :( I will see if the problem subsides by tomorrow. For the meantime, continue dropping ya refs and ill catch up once I get a working server SIGH
  8. drop ya refs (POLL)

    @Mya; Luna from scratch :)
  9. drop ya refs (POLL)

    Thank you!!!! i really wanted to do darker skin tones and curly hair!!!
  10. drop ya refs (POLL)

    @Khali; hiyoooo!! :) from scratch
  11. drop ya refs (POLL)

    @llSensi; Omg!!! hello!! i was trying to remember who i made my fave art piece for and here you are <3 a miracle because i lost the file!!! hope you don't mind that i saved it again, for future showing!!
  12. drop ya refs (POLL)

    thank you!!!!! <3
  13. drop ya refs (POLL)

    @NoveIIia; hellooo i drew Kimiko from scratch! I
  14. drop ya refs (POLL)

    @Inerlime; HIII okay i did a dp art from scratch of ur oc Succubus!! hope u like!! :) succubus reference:
  15. drop ya refs (POLL)

    @Elise hii i did a quick oc head painting!!!! i think its 500px X 500px

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