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  1. dork

    IRL Photos

    so my english teacher assigned us to take a selfie with a book we like has any1 read this book?
  2. claim finished! :] @Challie omg tysm he looks so good!
  3. put one of ma old premades up againnn
  4. dork

    Seifuku | Custom Dps

    aaa ur art is cute
  5. Just started classes today rip so I won’t be workin on art during the weekdays unless I got free timeee
  6. @Aleck added his earring that i forgot ; - ; here are the base colors as well any changesss?
  7. @Aleck decided to finish the lining and finish da rest tmr hope this is better
  8. glad you like ;-; and sure! debating whether i should do it now or go 2 sleep n do it tmr morning LOL
  9. goin back to normal slots now
  10. one 50% off slot left!!!
  11. @Aleck the sketch was a mess so i lined it a lil LOL any changes?
  12. received tysm ill start sketchin it

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