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  1. Order Type: single bribe Username/Name: des Character: https://sta.sh/2emlech5ij2 Pose: onigiri pose in stash Background: color Animation: blinking + blush Price Total: 38? meow
  2. @Princess @Lauren wips for you guys lmk if u want anything changed so far ^^
  3. aaah yeah ok cool and yes please if you dont mind!
  4. PREMADE NAME: strawberries MAIN TEXT: joji and bork / rabbits and dork WATERMARK: joji@imvu and bork@imvu / rabbits@gasr and dork@gasr IS THE PREMADE FOR A FRIEND / ALT : No PRICE: 120 will also pm ^^ sorry for posting again i decided to get it with someone else heh
  5. welcome back n good luck with ur shop! imma def order soon
  6. LOL yeet
  7. ofc ill do that then! and glad you like her ^^ yaaay and ofc
  8. @Princess wip for u luvvv @Lauren wip for you too lmk if everything is fine so far ^^
  9. wip for youuu @Smile
  10. wooow wht ab poggy??? LOOL jk im glad ya like her ill do the base colors when i can
  11. @Lauren line art wip for u as for my other orders i will get to them soooon :3
  12. im livinggg this looks so nice cant wait to see the premades!

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