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  1. going to be closing my custom shop for a while but ill be finishing the rest of my orders for the few ones left heh... been up to some things this summer and even when i do have time to draw i dont have as much motivation to do so but hopefully the next time i come back will be much better

  2. PREMADE NAME: i love senpai MAIN TEXT: joji WATERMARK: [email protected] IS THE PREMADE FOR A FRIEND / ALT : YES @Rabbit PRICE: 70 don't forget to read the rules to avoid complications
  3. Ahhh he’s so cute! I love it! Thank you so much I’ll def be ordering again c:
  4. Yasss it looks so good I’m excited ^^
  5. Oooh I see okie I’m excited to see him ^^
  6. Also there’s a line under his eye on the left side of the dp? Don’t know if it’s supposed to be there or not heh
  7. Ooo it looks amazing so far but his skin tone is just lighter could we also make his eyes dark brown instead? If that’s possible ^^ and that’s fine ^^ I loooove narutomaki c;
  8. Aah sorry I’m just used to it by habit ;-; i removed it
  9. Omg that’s perfect! And that’s fine ^^

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