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  1. Suni

    sketches/things - closing soon pg. 6

    im crying sjhurhSHF.........this is so beautiful!! thank you so so so much, i really love it!!!! ♥
  2. Suni

    Wiki's Customs! [Open 3/4]

    ODNT WORRY all guuud!!! cant wait to see the finished product
  3. Suni

    sketches/things - closing soon pg. 6

    ooooohboi your art style is amazing!! (you should totally open up a shop soon) Text: Suni OC: clicku Etc: artistic freedom & thank you for considering ♥
  4. Suni

    Wiki's Customs! [Open 3/4]

    aaahhh this is turning out so cute! and i'm actually happy with the holster, doesnt look awkward to mee!!! here is the proof for the payment (its in german my bad)
  5. Suni

    Wiki's Customs! [Open 3/4]

    thank you and yes please!
  6. Suni

    Wiki's Customs! [Open 3/4]

    Style #: 1 (couple) Text: If possible one for GASR only the DP crop with Suni and for larger art - female Suni and male Raphael Background: in ref folder! Refs: here Total Price: $22 ( $12 + $6 + $4) Extra?: I would like to have the bigger art in 1500x1920 if possible! ♥ Oh and if you have any problems with the poses or anything else please let me know!
  7. Suni

    No more orders—working on them. (Full)

    Text: Suni (if possible one for IMVU too, my name is there Gvts) Refs/OC: Clicku Thank you for considering, I truly love your style!
  8. Suni

    Practice and Examples!

    Your art is so cute!! Drawn DP from scratch, please! Text: Suni (if possible one for IMVU too, my name is there Gvts) References: Clicku Background / Transparent: This color Misc: N/A Music inspo: xo or xo
  9. Suni


    I'm excited for my order
  10. @Serrilynn it turned out so perfect! ! thank you so much ;_; ♡
  11. aaaah, thank you!!! Could you remove the beard/mustache from the guy? - I think it would look better without it, other than that it's looking pretty good! Also good luck with your midterms!!!
  12. @Serrilynn Hey, I wanted to ask if you have any updates on my order? It's been a while + I had already paid for my order long time ago. (I apologize if you're busy etc)
  13. Suni

    🌻 indah's shop | temp closed 4/-

    @pissarro Hey dear, I have to sadly cancel my order since paypal is acting up I'm so sorry
  14. Suni


    @Mint I'm very happy with my sketch! Very excited for it Hope you're doing better ♥

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