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  1. my bad! i'll try my best to pay more attention next time i order! also, here's proof:
  2. Premade: #Crush Name on premade: ums Watermark: No, thank you! Paypal email: mcwieg04@aol.com Total: 30 usd I love your art style!
  3. Badge or DP: dps Premade number: 1a + 6a Payment: paypal (Β£12gbp / $16usd) Name: chainsaws Badge of DP: badge Premade number: 12A + 3A Payment: paypal (Β£3gbp / $4usd) hello guess who got paid (okay so i rounded it off and i think itll be around $20usd but it might be $21usd)
  4. so anything without the credits tag can't be bought with credits? if not i'll be back soon when i get paid because i see you've put up new badges. i hope they don't get taken before i get the chance to buy them sksks
  5. Badge or DP: badges Premade number: 1, 2, 3, 5, 11, 12 Payment: Β£24 / $32 - PayPal btw, i suggest reading this all in regards of the paypal thing :) https://gasrforum.net/wiki/official/payment-guide-paypal-r3/
  6. all of the other badges are formatted like "#-open-Β£-0x0" - that premade doesn't have a number in front of it
  7. kelly

    Y0UI's ll [2/6] Slot

    i love it !!! i sent the payment !!! you may proceed !!!
  8. kelly

    Y0UI's ll [2/6] Slot

    Reference : boink, boink Background idea : splattered paint, artistic ?? Face Type (cute or mature) : cute Expression : boink Pose : boink Text : peckish Animation : winking in the right eye && breathing Price : 60 usd i think ?? lmk if price needs to be adjusted !! Note : i love your work !!! <3
  9. kelly

    γ‚­γ‚»γ‚­ | FULL

    Main ref : character reference, pose(s) *, basic information Text : chainsaws Animation : no Total : $12 * pick any pose i couldn't find waist & up poses so i hope these are okay?

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