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  1. DeadBot

    Freebies Thread

    Here ya go! i added a ruff back drop to the text to stand out more Hope you like it
  2. DeadBot

    Miss Me in the New Year

    My New Years Resolution is spending more time with my lover and have the best time that i can have with him :) also to lose some dage weight (i couldnt add it to the image but meh)
  3. DeadBot

    { G A I A } | TekTek / Avi Art

    Dang this tektek topic died so soon without any requests accepted and made..
  4. DeadBot

    Freebies Thread

    Heh Tried a skech and color to see how it would go Free to use Dont resell, claim as your own or edit it. You may add your own text to it or leave it blank but please credit me if you use it :3
  5. DeadBot

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted But you will get tired of the holaday and you soon will dislike the candy I wish my dog was alive still..
  6. DeadBot

    Feelings Thread (v2)

    tired of being used as a punching bag in my family .......
  7. DeadBot

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted But you actually lose weight by this I wish most of my wishes for my life came true.
  8. DeadBot

    The Weird Things You Do

    Whenever i get really happy or excited. i do weird fast claps with my hands i dont know why but it do it o.o
  9. DeadBot

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, But you cannot control your magic. I wish i had enough money to move in with my bf.
  10. DeadBot

    Feelings Thread (v2)

    Tired of losing friends.. it just causes me to crawl back into my depression shell.. its just that whats the point on having them if they are just gonna turn on you ..
  11. DeadBot

    Resort GASR

    This was alot of fun! made me rethink on who to trust <_<
  12. DeadBot

    Resort GASR

    Yikes. Even Death Was Killed. I think i might know who it is but if i say, ill be pushed from a window to my death xD
  13. DeadBot

    { G A I A } | TekTek / Avi Art

    Can we get any update on this like you accepting some peoples requests? because i have a feeling you might of forgot about this.
  14. DeadBot

    Resort GASR

    Im not ready.
  15. DeadBot

    Resort GASR

    Now you ruined it xDDDD

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