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  1. We raised $950 in our first charity auction!

    look at that total! This is amazing ♥ and of course a thank you to Kyles and the artists for making the wonderful auction possible for us ♥
  2. Email Update

    I use the weekly digests for some threads and they're great. I much rather be able to find important GASR emails like those listed above quickly and efficiently than having to sift through countless "so and so posted here," "so and so tagged you here" emails. It's really not hard to log onto the website just to see what's going on, as opposed to logging on just because you got an email. (of course, that's just my opinion on the matter)
  3. Email Update

    I think this is a good idea. Personally, I would forget to uncheck the notification box when i posted things, so my email would get cluttered with a lot of emails of people posting. Also, I would find myself reading the information and then kinda forgetting about it until much later. With me only seeing notifications when I log onto the website, I'm more likely to reply to/notice whatever it is than just glance at an email on my phone. I dunno, this is a good idea, and the resources used for sending out countless emails daily can be saved to be used for other things/site improvements.

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