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My name is Halie, I am 20 years old, I started drawing around two years ago. I am still learning and would not be where I am now if it weren't for my friends and senpai. I started out in the art world as just an addict, always appreciated and loved the views of artists and what they could do with my visions. I wasn't talented in art through my younger childhood years of course that didn't stop me from making those terrible doodles! I only started growing in the art field as I got older and more interested, many artists inspired me to keep trying, even when it felt like I was getting nowhere. One of those people was my big brother who has always been amazingly talented at every kind of art, especially through high school. I was always surrounded by friends who drew just as a hobby, so it amazed me to see their passion for art. I personally love photography, traditional art, graphic art, architecture, as well as many other things.

If there are any more questions please don't hesitate to PM me! ♥

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