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Hello! uDWrQQGr2ejMP-ACt-2JZFwOxYtoO4bsbJ3OzXZSlZSV3qdJGwgRoo0g0pw_hBe09e1QQWYpDPgtsc6gEXbZ6KEjz1W1IixFeyLqwijNHsnZ6sU9Pwk6Iz0smwSl0vrYiKs3dFE7 About me...



★ My name is Kassie


★ I live in England


★ I also live with a pug and two black cats


★  My personality type is INFP-T, and my zodiac sign is Libra


★ I like pixeling but it's just a hobby


★ In my spare time I like to hang out with my animals, play video games and cook


 I am vegan, and I'm really looking forward to Veganuary this year!


★  I love collecting art of my main OC / Persona :klovee:



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