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  1. The categories and where the shops are placed aren't the issue, it's just how forums were built. You can only have a topic in one place, not two. You can build something like a widget to show a general consensus of all the shops, but it's not going to work like you think it will. It'll still be very specific and it'll be limited to what shows, since widgets are meant to be windows and not doors. It would be the same as me fully categorizing the shops but with the added inconvenience of having to click 5+ extra times.
  2. Yeah, I think that would be really awesome, but I'd have to find out if that's even possible on a forum and how I can do it LOL
  3. New GASR Moderators!!!

    Hey GASR! After carefully reviewing their applications, passing their moderator tests, and completing training, we are pleased to announce our newest staff members! Congratulations to the following people: @Nini @Pey They will be joining our team as official Art Shop Moderators!! We are still going through applications received the past month and are still accepting moderator applications for all positions listed on the application, and we will keep applications open for as long as we have open positions, so please feel free to apply if you meet the requirements listed on the application itself and want to help GASR be the best it can be by joining our team!
  4. Okay guys, I apologize because I didn't see these posts first, but, I've decided to meet you guys half way as long as you're willing to work with me and meet me the other half. Instead of a custom shops > medium > top 3 categories, I've decide to just stop at medium. However, tags are now pre-defined, meaning you cannot make any custom tags and can choose from a list of the things we have available. This kinda mixes both ideas to the best of our current abilities with how a forum is setup to run while helping people get better exposure for their art. Majority of the members weren't using the tagging system correctly and used useless tags such as "art", "custom" "premade" "username" "shopname", etc which grants them no extra exposure as all of those are either already true or already searchable without being a tag. We used as many tags as we could that we know are relevant on GASR, and then I went off-site to deviant art and art station to get ideas for tags that would cover a broader spectrum as well as being more specific (things like anthro for example.) If there are tags you do not see and think would be useful, you can suggest new ones and I'll talk it over with the staff to see if it should be added. Now, last but not least, the #1 requested section I constantly get asked about and that a lot of you guys have suggested numerous times via surveys and feedback is Pixels. Again, I want to meet you guys half-way, so I did choose to keep Pixels a separate category. This means that if all you want to offer in your shop are works made using the pixel/bitmap style, you can create shops here. If you have a shop with mixed media (lets say you make both pixel art and drawings), you can just keep your shop in the digital section. Hopefully this gives the pixel artists the exposure they've been begging for for ages now. We'll go ahead and move pixel art only shops to that section and continue sorting out the rest of the custom shops. Once that's finished, we'll tackle premades and free. If we like this new change and you guys want that extra level of categories (drawing/painting, designs, etc) in the future, we can definitely revisit this later.
  5. Guys, don't freak out if your shops are being moved. We've re-organized the main forum categories and are now testing out the new subsections in the custom shop forum. Once we get that organized and we see how we feel about it, we'll continue on from there.
  6. It'll only show up in the section that you created the shop in, so if you go to Pixels and create a pixel shop, it's only going to show up there. If someone posts in the incorrect category, the topic will be moved like we normally handle current incorrectly posted topics, but there won't be any posting between categories. If someone clicks on Digital, they'll have to choose 1 of the three broad categories (Drawing/Painting, Pixels, Graphics & Design) to view in order to create a topic/shop.
  7. January 2018 Updates & Information

    The staff list has now been updated to include the languages that the moderators can communicate with you in. https://gasrforum.net/staff/ Please do not contact the first person you see who speaks your language. Try to find the moderator that can best handle your situation first as some of us speak the same languages.
  8. I'm not sure why you're approaching the conversation in this manner. I was asking you to please go over the previous posts because you, in your original post, stated this: That to me makes me believe that you do not understand what is being asked, because I've explained several times that we are not separating styles of artwork. If you wanted me to take your post a different way, you should have made that perfectly clear. Art is art? I'm not sure if you're an actual artist, but art is most definitely not just "art". There are so many forms and styles of it, I can't even begin to sit here and list them all. To say that there isn't a significant difference between them enough to make it easier to browse is a bit naive. You might not like sub-sections, but that does not invalidate the existing categories that exist even off GASR. If your only argument to keeping the chaos is because you don't want to take the extra effort of clicking one more time, then I won't respond to your posts any longer as it seems anyone with a differing opinion from your own is met with an aggressive tone. I don't mind if people dislike a change, I don't expect everyone to be happy about it, but you should be constructive with your criticism, like Amy and Hope have been, or else I don't have any use for your rolling eyes or your "I don't like it" approach. You can disagree and still be respectful. I would also like to point out the fact that a lot of our artists who offer varying styles are voting yes for the **minor** separation of the mediums. I understand you want to voice your opinions, but please do not try to speak for artists when they've already spoken for themselves by voting for what they want. This is not an organizational change to benefit just the buyers, it benefits the artists as well. Buyers will be able to find what they want a little easier and artists will be able to promote themselves away from things they have no interest in being associated with. I'm sure a lot of pixel artists here, like myself, dislike how easily we get drowned out by a lot of the other shops. Making a pixel category was the #1 requested category addition when we had open surveys, so it's not like we cooked this idea up overnight to force you guys into a new change. It's something that has been asked of us for almost 4 months now. Adding the file section to the shop forums instead of making it its own category will help as well, cleaning up the main forum page. We do not attempt to make changes that only benefit a few, the changes have to benefit the community as a whole. That is why it is being put up to a vote. We cannot cater to one member's specific requests.
  9. We could make those as topic icons, but when you say tags, I think of the actual tagging system which is what throws me off, because there's nothing else we can do to the way it functions right now. However, only forum sections show on the front page. Sub-sections are linked in the description, but don't actually show. The new organization would make the homepage less cluttered and would allow us to make improvements to sections that need it without making it look too bulky. Everything colored red you will see as a section on the homepage. Everything colored in blue you will see as a normal link, but won't actually see the section until you click either on the link or the section it is in.
  10. So basically have a category toc in the sub-forum? That's not actually a bad idea to be honest. I'm not sure how I'd approach creating this, but this might be something that would require the tagging system in order to work in a forum. The issue with this though brings us back to the tagging system being used improperly. D:
  11. We're doing this to be more aesthetic, so I'm confused about the design argument, but again, please read the previous posts. I am NOT making sections per style, I am just adding TWO categories to each of the shop sections aside from the normal digital to help organize the shops better. That is it. I am not creating 50 new categories to cater to each specific style of art. Each of the two categories outside of digital are categories that are used, which is why they are being made into categories. This new organization only adds one extra click outside of the normal click. The tag system cannot be expanded any further. It is exactly what it is and the functions you guys keep mentioning are already implemented. Because users do not use tags properly, and we cannot force them to do so otherwise without limiting the tags, which defeats the purpose of a tagging system, there is no way to make the tag system work as anything other than a tag system. If you guys could please stop panicking over change for 5 minutes and please, please read over carefully what I'm trying to present. A medium is NOT a style. A medium is a TYPE of art. Traditional, Digital, Ceramics, oil Paints on Canvas. It is NOT semi-realism, anime, chibi, etc.
  12. Could you please read the previous posts as I've explained already that we are NOT separating artwork by style, only medium.
  13. I think what you're asking is to search by tags? And if that's what it is, you can already do that https://gasrforum.net/tags/art The search function is being updated within the next few weeks to improve on this as it currently is limited by mysql's architecture, but the basic function of tag searching is still there. If that's not what you mean, could you explain it a bit more? I'm still a little confused. Tag searching disregards the hierarchy of the forum system, so even if you searched for "premade", all shops tagged with premades, regardless of traditional, digital, etc. will be listed on one page.
  14. I wish we could get more feedback from the users voting against this. If it's because you're still unsure, I'd rather try to explain it again instead of a vote being wasted on uncertainty.
  15. It's okay, I don't take differing opinions as people being negative unless they come off aggressive. But yeah, I can see how intimidating the list is if you think those details would be their own sections. That's just too much, LOL. I can make those as categories in the GASR Exchange to keep it organised, but there's no reason to have them in the actual forum.

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