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  1. I made an oopsie with my CRAPPY mouse and some awards got deleted, so if you get some new ones regranted to you from passed events, it's okay, you're meant to have them.  :psobbing:

    1. Wrath


      Oh okay i was just like did gasr break why am i getting these?? LOL

    2. Alismora


      Yeah my mouse is janky.  It's become sentient and now makes its own decisions, LMFAO.  One click?  Nah fam, how about 15 in a row.  I was sorting stuff and meant to delete ONE thing and next thing I know half the 2018 awards are gone.




      Waiting on my new one from Amazon.

    3. Wrath


      mouses have minds of their own now apparently. stupid things lmao. hope the new one works better for you!

  2. MEMBERS: Artists are allowed to sell OC's, adoptables, and the art that comes with it if they have permission from all artists involved.  This is NOT against the rules! 
    ARTISTS/MEMBERS RESELLING OC'S AND ADOPTABLES: You HAVE to post proof that you have resell permission from the artists if you want to resell them on GASR.  The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are selling these items off-site and are using the appropriate channels to post these advertisements, such as your signature, profile, and status updates/radar.  If you don't you will continually be reported and your status' removed.



  3. Don't do it. Staff chat's been wild the last couple of days, no one is safe from @Anny
  4. When something that seems horrible on the surface turns out to be such a blessing in disguise.  I appreciate all of you man, I really do.  I've missed this feeling so much (and I'm sure others have too) and I thank everyone who has been there for me the last couple of days and given me some of the best advice I could ask for.

  5. To anyone who recently applied, I apologize. There was a mistake in the position list that's now been fixed. The auction position was removed and the mature position has been added. Please feel free to reapply if you were wanting a mature spot!
  6. Just view the application page. Your status will be near the top.
  7. Alismora


    Places: 1

    Applicants: 0

    TECHNICIAN Responsible for maintaining GASR and attend to all coding aspects of the website. While a moderator position, technicians do not perform general moderator duties. (May be required on an as needed basis) R E Q U I R E M E N T S AN ACTIVE MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING POSSESSES WEBSITE KNOWLEDGE & OTHER SKILLS Visits GASR often, preferably several times daily. Has a Discord account and knows how to use the program. No warnings in the past 6 months. Has 0 points at the time of applying. Understands and accepts the Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Art Theft Guidelines. Has extensive knowledge about GASR and the community environment. Contributes via topics/posts, gallery uploads, group activity, event participation, etc. on a regular basis. Knowledgeable in coding languages; HTML and CSS minimum, Javascript and PHP preferred. Knows how to use the messenger and IM chat system. Can compose topics and posts with formatting. Can locate important documentation, such as guidelines, policies, and guides. Must be able to read and write fluently in English. Bilingual is a plus, but not required. Has excellent communications skills and works well within a team environment. Must be reliable and handle all responsibilities within a reasonable amount of time with or without supervision. TECHNICIAN DUTIES Work along side the Site Coordinators to resolve technical issues. Make updates to current features and UI/UX design. Implement new features based on necessity and community feedback. Please keep in mind there are no "easy" sections. We work as a team and only have titles so that each section can be prioritized in some fashion.
  8. Alismora

    BDO: Black Desert Online

    Hey friends! I think we had a topic like this way back in the day, but I'm not sure if it got deleted due to inactivity or what, but I'm bringing it back! Discuss anything BDO related, find friends to play with, post your screenshots, GO WILD. But not too wild, don't break any rules.
  9. Alismora

    Artwork Lost & Found

    Lost and Found Ever found artwork on your PC and don't remember who the artist is? Post that artwork here and the community can help you find the original artist! If you recognize any artwork posted here, please quote or tag the person who posted the art. Place multiple pieces and bigger pieces under a spoiler to prevent slow loading times. Make sure EC is properly censored, even if you link it off-site. If someone finds the artist, edit your post and add in the artist name so that others know it's been found and can move on to others, or edit out your form completely. Form Artwork: Approx. Date Received: Artist's Name: Not Found Yet
  10. Alismora

    Artwork Lost & Found

    This topic is NOT in any way, shape, or form to be used to track down buyers or artists of artwork that you do NOT personally own, or to attempt some sort of investigation for art theft. If the artwork belongs to someone else, contact them to resolve whatever issue it is you have, not attempt to get the community involved in this negative behavior. If someone is violating our policies, report them. If it is off-site, do not bring it here. This will be the only warning of this kind. Anyone attempting to misuse the purpose of this topic going forward will be banned from it.
  11. Alismora

    BDO: Black Desert Online

    IT'S OKAY we're both learning how to do things and we're still noobs.
  12. Alismora

    BDO: Black Desert Online

    I just got back into BDO and while I found some cool peeps to play on the EU server with, I need some friends on the NA side as well!! So if ya wanna add me or whatever, here's my infos. Server: NA & EU Family Name: Foldesi Character: Alismora Cielo and I wanna get a little guild going on the NA server so if you don't have one, I can slip ya a contract.
  13. Alismora


    whooooooooooo said you could post this cute af art here hello?????
  14. Alismora


  15. Alismora

    Custom GASR Tables

    Information Since quite a few people have issues making tables for GASR, I figure I could offer to make some based on template ideas you guys have! Price Instead of paying me, just donate to GASR! If you only have a dollar or two to spare, that's fine, if you want to pay a little more, that's fine. IT'S ALL FINE! Please make sure it's $1 or more at least! Donation Page Rules Go ahead and make a donation to GASR after you put in a request. No one will be declined! You can use other table layouts for inspiration! Please provide hex #'s for the colors you want. There are a million shades of a solid color so this will cut down on the back and forth. A template is basically something you can draw or box out in any drawing program to kinda give me an idea of how you want the table to look with boxes and whatnot. Sizing is done in %'s with a maximum width added to make sure the tables look good on mobile as well, so it's okay to give me just a pixel width amount. Don't be afraid to get creative. Tables don't take that long for me to make so extra details don't scare me! I ask for donation amount since if you donate $5+, you also get the contributor badge if you don't already have it! Form Template: (You can link a table that you like for reference.) Colors: Table Size: (The average table size is 700px wide.) Extra Details/Info: (Please provide as much information as possible if you want a lot of details. I dislike "creative freedom" because I'm very minimalist.) Donation Amount: Slots Hopey Pissarro Finished Plague Pey
  16. 2019 is going to bring lots of good changes to GASR in terms of making things easier to understand and having info readily available on pages it pertains to instead of relying on diving into a sea of announcements for a tidbit of info.  You may have noticed some new things already, but there's lots more coming now that I have @Darksiders help in rolling things out quicker!

  17. Alismora

    Miss Me in the New Year

    1oz. per pound, so someone weighing 120lbs would need to drink 60oz a day.

    1. Luxor



    2. Bedlam


      Do you know what PAC stands for?


      Program and Control/ Program and control. He’s program and control man the whole thing’s a metaphor. He thinks he’s got free will but really he’s trapped in a maze.


      You can't suck at Bandersnatch because "free will" is an illusion. Every choice you make will not produce a "happy" ending.


    3. kyles


      The only question that matters; frosties or sugar puffs?

  19. Alismora

    . A U R A . 0//4

    OOOOO that's lookin cute so far! Can her right arm cross against her waist, grabbing her left arm?
  20. If anyone has any large art pieces around 1500px in width that they wouldn't mind being displayed on a page here (with credit of course), please message me!

  21. Alismora

    . A U R A . 0//4

    That's perfect!!
  22. Alismora

    . A U R A . 0//4

    DP Text: Alismora or Chelly Avi/Reference: https://sta.sh/2bu1qrikgy2 Pose: Like this looking straight forward with a smirk, but instead of holding a drink, can she be holding her heart glasses? Click Animations?: None Anything else?: I realize not everyone can draw kinky hair or intricate details, so if you have issues drawing her, I can gladly give you a different character! Total: 15.00
  23. Alismora

    . A U R A . 0//4

    AHHHH, I'm so glad to see you back!!!

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