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  1. We've got some ideas brewing right now on ways to improve reach for new artists starting out in our community.  We want to make sure everyone feels welcome and gets a fair, free chance to be seen starting out and we'll hopefully have a few nice incentives soon!



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  3. Hi, I'm not dead, just been busy working on new products for my store and maintaining the giant vegetable/fruit garden I planted a couple weeks ago.  If you've PM'd me, just know I probably won't respond because you shouldn't be PM'ing me to do things like restoring shops, cleaning something out, asking me about events, or updates regarding applications. (You should be messaging Luxor about applications if you've already taken the assessment.)


    I will probably be busy a lot this summer, but who isn't I mean it's finally summer.  Get off your computers and go out and enjoy SUMMERRRRRRR.


    I have been keeping up with important techy things so no worries about that.  Just wanted to drop a quick update for anyone who wanted to read. :eue:

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  8. Its a work in progress payment button for the artists that get verified! It won’t work if anyone attempts to use it right now.
  9. Oooo, I didn't even think about that, honestly. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way with having their personal information in as little hands as possible, but I guess that leads us to another hurdle of options. If artists had the option to choose who handles all aspects, we could provide a notice on the print product whether or not the item is handled solely by us or the artist directly so that they know if their information is staying put or being sent to someone? Kind of like Amazon saying "this is sold by a third party" vs "this is sold and shipped by amazon". BRB GOOGLING. @SKloss Ahhhh, that paper sounds nice as hell. It's also not as expensive as I was expecting it to be. i saw the $100+ price tag first and was a little shook until I saw it was 25 sheets of a large size LMAO. I'll definitely note this down as one of the possible paper options!
  10. I was just looking into giclee since I do see it's quite popular for being high quality! I appreciate your suggestions, all of them are really useful and I'm building a little document of everything while I do more research on what we'd be able to provide here.
  11. Hey guys, I wanted to talk to everyone about prints. More specifically, is this something this community would be interested in both selling and buying them? I do see some artists here offer print versions for an additional cost at the commissioners request, but I also see members who don't really know much about prints at all, so I'm not sure where the community stands on this. An art print is a printed reproduction of an original work of art. This is a physical print of artwork that you can frame, hang, or use at your personal discretion. Prints vary in types and sizes, ranging from small photos and postcards to large posters and framed canvases. I have some questions I'd like for you guys to answer to the best of your ability to kind of see if this is something GASR could possibly add to a future roadmap. What kind of setup would you prefer? Sell directly from the gallery, add it to the already existing marketplace that already allows you to sell digital files, or something else entirely? What print options would you like to see? (Regular Prints, Canvas, Photos, Postcards, etc.) Do you want GASR to have full control of printing and shipping, or would you like to pick and choose which parts you'd like to oversee yourself? For example, you can create your own prints and have GASR handle the transactions and tell you where to ship, or GASR can create and ship the prints with no additional effort on your part. Have you ever purchased prints before? I hope a lot of you get involved in this discussion, even if you aren't familiar with prints in general!
  12. Hey GASRians! Continuing our effort in keeping the community involved on GASR's roadmap for 2019, here are the release notes for the updates made in the month of April! I'm posting this a couple days early as I am dealing with a family emergency and didn't want this to be late. We've been really busy this month, so this RN is quite large, but it's all good stuff! Staff Changes @Anny and @Cain have been promoted to Administrators! This has helped the management out tremendously as the work load increases the more people join our little community. We're glad to have them join the upper ranks and help GASR continue to grow! @Reaper and @Rin have finished their staff training and joined the ranks of Shops & Services and Mature Content respectively, and @Cymette has returned from her brief departure and rejoined the Mature Content ranks as well! @Pey has moved back to her original position as a Shops & Services staffer, and is also temporarily taking on the role as our Social Media Specialist until the position is filled. To stay up-to-date on the current staff line up, we do have a staff directory that is updated instantly when there are changes made! You can find it by clicking on Help > Staff, or click here to view. Updates Gallery Overhaul Welcome to the new and improved Gallery! I've put a lot of work into this project the last month and I hope this makes the Gallery easier to navigate as well as to use! The main Gallery page is no longer cluttered with category albums and now features a collage of everyone's lovely artwork based on 3 filter options, listed at the top, as well as the categories now nicely organized into a list in the left sidebar. By default, the most recent artwork is displayed. You can view the highest rated artwork of the past week (7 days) by clicking the "Popular" filter. You can additionally view the highest rated artwork ever by clicking the "Hall of Fame" filter. Credit goes to @Cain for these filter suggestions! Clicking on one of the categories to the left will now bring you to a page that shows all available sub-category options. Clicking on any of these will bring you to the collage page of the relevant images! Let me know in a post down below what you think of the redesign! Duplicate Editor Glitch The glitch that caused the editor to show twice when uploading images to the Gallery has been fixed! This should have also resolved the issue with content disappearing after tagging a member. If you're still experiencing this issue, please do not hesitate to submit a bug report or a support ticket to the Tech Department! Custom Field Formatting All custom field formatting has been resolved. No fields should display raw HTML, and no fields should display if you set them to empty/no option. Shop Restoration Shops that were deleted due to inactivity would sometimes display an error when attempting to restore them. This was due to the original soft deletion not being properly recorded by the system, causing it to think it was never deleted in the first place, thus not needing to be restored. This has now been resolved! I apologize again to those who were effected by this error while we tried to work around it. Forums Navigation The "Forums" option in the navigation bar at the top of the site has been updated to include a quick access drop-down menu to each category and the sub-forums within them. Now you can quickly access your favorite areas in one easy click! Suggested by @Foxity Group Tab Reordering Reordering the tabs within your groups has been removed on mobile and other small devices. This is due to multiple issues with members accidentally reordering tabs improperly, deleting them by mistake, and devices with low resolutions mis-rendering the tabs completely. I do apologize if this inconveniences anyone, however, you are still able to reorganize your entire group via a desktop/laptop computer! Download Content Restriction Last month, we removed the content restriction that required members to have x amount of posts on GASR before they were allowed to use the Marketplace. We have also now removed it on purchased files as well. Once you purchase a file in the Marketplace, you are free to download that file at anytime regardless of if you use our website for any other purpose. We recognize that GASR is no longer just a forum, and certain members are only here for specific things. We will continue to improve accessibility for all types of members going forward while still doing our best to keep the entire platform as safe as possible for everyone. Marketplace Purchases Due to confusion on file purchases versus downloads, we have restored purchase amounts to all files in the Marketplace. We would like to remind file owners that downloads do not correlate with purchases, as members can download a file more than once if needed, and a marketplace listing can contain multiple files at once, which will be counted individually. We will work to improve documentation on the Marketplace to make the process as transparent as possible going forward! Giveaways & Raffles The Giveaways & Raffles system will be removed after the Tools of the Trade raffle is complete. This area requires a lot of maintenance during updates, and the amount of users who typically use it each month does not justify the work put into it at this moment in time. We really hate removing features, but this year our goal is quality, not quantity. We want to manage our time more efficiently, focusing on improving features that members actually use and getting rid of the "stuff" that tends to just lay around. Sometimes less is more! Post Profiles Post profiles (the information that displays on the left side of your posts) have been given a few minor tweaks to lessen the amount of space they take up per post. Dark Theme The dark theme has been given a few more updates in our efforts to create a fully seamless dark theme. The navigation bar, breadcrumbs bar, and header have been darkened. As always, if you'd like to switch between the light and dark theme, you can do so by scrolling to the very bottom of the website and clicking on "Theme" in the footer. GASR Magazine We didn't quite reach the amount needed in pre-orders for our physical magazine copies, so refunds for those who did pre-order will be rolled out slowly over the next week or so. Some of you may have already received refunds as of this topic being posted. Do not worry if you haven't already! Refunds are being sent on a time schedule in the order that we received the transactions. You can check to see if you've already been given a refund by viewing your orders page, found by clicking on GASR Store > Orders. New Features Authentic Artist AA has returned to GASR! Become a verified artist and receive special perks and recognition! More information can be found here! GASR Chat & Chatrooms The IM chat system has been restored by member request! It is located at the bottom of the website and allows you to quickly message or video chat with other members instantly, and features chatrooms to have group discussions with other members in real time! DMCA Guidelines We have created a brand new, detailed page regarding our DMCA guidelines and policies, available here. This will give you a general overview of what copyright infringement is, what the DMCA covers, how to avoid infringing on other's property, what to do if you have been infringed upon, and the consequences regarding your account. We hope this helps those who may not have been completely sure what all of this "art theft" and "plagiarism" was all about. Reminders Sale We currently have a 25% off sale on EVERYTHING in the GASR store, including Elite memberships and renewals! Just use code THANKS at checkout to use the discount on everything in your cart!
  13. This thesis of a Release Notes is finished and dropping in a couple days!  Get ready to view all these updates and new things on GASR.  


    snoop dogg dancing GIF by Romy

  14. Face & Body ★ Vegan ✿ 100% Natural Ingredients ✤ Safe Synthetics In Stock Out of Stock Products Peony Rose Solid Bar Soap ★ ✿ $6.50 Stock: N/A Releasing ~June Lavender Vanilla Lip Balm ★ ✿ $3.00 Stock: 12 0.15oz/5g Tube Violet & Grapefruit Body Scrub ★ ✿ $7.00 Stock: 8 4oz/112g Jar Charcoal Whipped Facial Scrub ★ ✤ $8.00 Stock: N/A Releasing ~May/June Order Form
  15. Bath & Shower ★ Vegan ✿ 100% Natural Ingredients ✤ Safe Synthetics In Stock Out of Stock Products Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Bombs ★ ✤ $4.00 Stock: 12 4oz/112g Wrapped Order Form
  16. Hi, I'm slowly setting up shop. I don't have an official name yet, so we're just gonna slap that on here for now. Values Handmade, organic, vegetarian and vegan cosmetics using ethically sustainable and cruelty free materials. All of my products feature natural organic and safe synthetic ingredients. Collections Bath & Shower(link) Soaps Bath Bombs/Fizzies Bubble Bars Face & Body(link) Scrubs Lip Balms Lotions Hair(link) (Coming Soon) Candles(link) (Coming Soon)
  17. I'm so glad the global notification system is working again.  Enjoy the little surprise discount cause a lot of you helped me out.

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