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  1. Added examples + almost finished with a premade.
  2. omg your art is so cute. smashes the follow button
  3. Only sexually explicit language, gestures, and content is barred from public areas of the forum. Cursing and the various forms of it (in this case a middle finger) are okay for the general public as long as it is not done in a malicious manner/at another member. Harmful language is explained under website etiquette here: Click
  4. So these are the current ideas posted here that we will consider possibly for the future. This is not a guarantee that they will happen, just that they're on the table for discussion. Extra tag slots Updates box on profiles Polls on profiles Slideshow for artwork tab Hide signatures on specific posts Weekly "missions" or tasks Profile Customizations (This will likely be put on hold until after the profile design contest.)
  5. Ah, well customizing the cover photos is an elite feature so it's not something we would allow for non-elites. The geometric pattern is randomly generated and is different for everyone. I can change it to a new default, however, like you not being a fan of the geometric pattern, someone else may not like the new default implemented.
  6. gorl yas tell me why I was asking about this the other day as well. (earth day events are one of the first ideas I ever brought to the table when I first joined as a mod many moons ago) WE SHALL WAIT AND SEEEEEE
  7. All of you make interesting points, however, I'm confused on which parts exactly you're asking to be customizable? I know the tabs on the profile are the same color as our website theme, but other than that, the only non-custom area is the background of your tab feed, and I would be against making that customizable for the obvious reasons. (Style conflicts along with members being able to easily abuse PSE guidelines.)
  8. Since we don’t know who owns the emotes, and we cannot track the owners down individually, it would be highly contradictory to just take someone else’s images that were intended for another website without knowing the usage rights. This already exists via your account settings.
  9. Don’t let misinformed people with a vendetta think for you.  You’ll end up as their collateral damage in the end. 

  10. A starter dark theme is available using the theme switcher at the bottom of the website in the footer. It has a darker background though the main elements are still white and light gray. Will work on this throughout the week and next.
  11. The dashboard has driven traffic numbers up in areas of the website that were rarely visited or unknown before its release as it gives everyone a window's glance into new activity everywhere, so we have no plans on getting rid of it in the foreseeable future. Some areas saw traffic increases near 30%. That's is a significant increase in such a short amount of time. While I'm not claiming the dashboard is perfect, GASR is no longer a "forum", it is a website that has a forum; It wouldn't make sense to make that the landing page based on current statistics. The forum went from being our most used feature to now tying almost equally with other areas of the website (Gallery, Groups, and the Marketplace are great examples). We are completely open for suggestions on how to improve how the data is displayed on the dashboard, however! It has definitely improved since its initial release, but there's no such thing as perfect. :) Personally, seeing as half or more of our artists would be classified as amateur in today's art standards, I don't see that as a bad first impression on our community. I'd like us to be able to grow together without leaving anyone behind.
  12. You'll get an emailed invoice for the trial that says it costs $100.00. You are not being charged! I put the price really high because I didn't want people to accidentally buy it.
  13. Want free Elite for a few days?


  14. Hello friends, Related to the updates listed here: Because we've been having so many issues with the updates lately (it was NOT supposed to take this long, but there's been a lot of back and forth and a lot of me waiting on other people to honor their end of things before I could do my part), we've decided to give everyone who has been currently active and reacts to this post 30 free days of Elite. There is no way for us to automatically grant it to you guys without some perks being disabled due to how the system filters who is who, so we've decided to do it manually so you can enjoy every single perk unrestricted. Manually means we'd like to ask you guys to be patient as we'll start rolling out the temporary Elite memberships in the order we get them as quickly as we can. So again, just react to this post with whatever: A like, upvote, wink, gift box, doesn't matter, and you'll be added to the list! Please feel free to share this as I didn't want to make so many announcements/notifications in the same week. This offer is now expired! Thanks to all of you who have been patient during this stressful time as we got things situated again with the website. We hope future updates go a lot more smoothly.
  15. There is no way we'd be able to prevent malicious reviews since there's no way we can set up a system to automatically check if a user has purchased or had some sort of business with the artist, even if they've posted in their shop or sent them a PM. The only reason we'd make them anonymous is so artists do not attack members who leave less than savory reviews, however, we'd track the IP addresses so that we can see if people are submitting fake reviews to boost or lower the rating for whatever reason, artists included. We already track those who abuse the rating system elsewhere and I feel like there would be a lot of ghost banning from ratings in general due to abuse, so this is something that would need a lot of thought to go into it before we think about releasing it as a feature.
  16. You shouldn't be uploading them as files over and over. Once you upload it once, you don't need to do it again or else you'll fill up your attachment storage too quickly and won't be allowed to upload anymore without deleting a bunch of stuff.
  17. If they set it to private, doesn’t that defeat the purpose a bit? I’m not sure if this is something we’d do just because some people change their names for personal reasons. It came back while you were still a tech. 👀 Autoplay was only removed temporarily from everything because of multiple videos and twitch streams on one page playing at once. Profile video autoplay was restored shortly after.
  18. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3405242/how-can-i-autoplay-a-video-using-the-new-embed-code-style-for-youtube
  19. It wouldn't really be a "dark" theme if all I changed was the background color, but if that's the only thing I needed to do, I can make and maintain a version like that a lot easier than maintaining two whole websites so to speak. I'd have to wait and see if others are interested based on your post reactions. For the dynamic board, what exactly do you mean by dynamic? You could build yourself a table and keep your orders updated that way. Artists like @Capsule do that already. Feel free to view her profile for an example. For the locked shops, what benefit would this provide exactly? I feel like that would be too much policing on our end seeing as they could easily claim to have read and accepted the rules to gain access, just as they do when they create an account on GASR. Could you clarify also what you mean by more tags? Tags are created by users, we don't control that unless you mean something else? And finally, what would be the benefit of having name change logs for members from your perspective? From mine, it feels useless whether or not it's public or private since it's only temporary information. We have an emote contest usually 1-2 times a year so that we don't add too many at once, but I'm sure the Event Coordinators can squeeze in a few more each year if members are interested in them! If they aren't autoplaying, then the member didn't set their video to autoplay. The settings are working as intended on GASR. My video is set to autoplay and it autoplays when I visit my profile. Same for other profiles I know have their videos set to autoplay. I wish I could provide browser support, but I wouldn't even know where to begin to figure out why yours isn't working.
  20. me: typing a response gasr: 2+ New Replies me: I kid I love that you guys are commenting!!
  21. We have a tutorials/resource section filled to the brim with helpful advice and step-by-step tutorials available for free or paid located here: Click There are also some groups dedicated to providing help and resources to artists to help them improve. You can browse groups here: Click Some groups I see right away are The Resource Vault and Art Academy. The marketplace also has member submitted resources that you could use for practice or to help improve your skillset. I feel like it would be detrimental to try and condense all of this into one page when art in general is such an extensively broad subject.
  22. I know you guys want this feature so much, but this is a very dangerous permission to grant as anyone with malicious intent could potentially abuse this in a way that puts the website and yourself at risk. For the longest time, I didn't even have this enabled for myself and Luxor due to the security risks. I do have the ability to build custom buttons to put on this editor so that you're able to do things that are restricted to html, but I can't make custom buttons for individuals, so the request would need to be beneficial to majority of the community. This topic is to request new features, not to make suggestions on what we already have. If you'd like to make suggestions on current features, please do so here: Click However, I will save you some time and let you know that we will probably never remove a paid for feature and give it to members for free unless we had an extreme circumstance with an explanation. Auto music on profiles still works. If you're using chrome, you'll have to allow autoplay music yourself via your browser settings. This is beyond my scope of support here on GASR, so you'll have to google it. We had a chat system at the bottom of the website that allowed you to create custom chat rooms, public or private, instantly message other members who were online and logged into the chat system, and voice/video chat with other members. It was removed on March 8 due to its use not being enough to justify the resources it took to operate. Re: Auto music on profiles still works. If you're using chrome, you'll have to allow autoplay music yourself via your browser settings. This is beyond my scope of support here on GASR, so you'll have to google it.
  23. Some examples of features we've added by member request: Gallery Groups Status Updates/Pulse Badges on Post Profiles Giveaways/Raffles Original Character Profile Tab Lots of micro features--too many to list! Just to give you an idea of how much you guys have shaped GASR into what it is today.

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