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  1. Me: *cleans up one corner of the room*

    Also Me: Time to play league, I've earned this.

  2. I believe so. The resizer we have is basically a thumbnail resizer, but the original image is still stored on the website so that when someone clicks on it to view, they see the full size, not the resized version. If you still receive this error after adjusting the size of the original image, let me know and I'll take a deeper look, but you shouldn't have an issue after doing so.
  3. after I get this prestige cait skin i'm uninstalling league for a whole month. riot got me all kinds of fucked up.

  4. Are you able to post a screenshot of the issue? And the images you were trying to upload. I checked your account settings and I don’t see anything right away that would cause the error.
  5. Just posting this here because we use it for all of our website graphics and it has saved a lot of extra loading time for large files: https://tinypng.com/

  6. Here is a quick FAQ until a proper one is able to be made in the main posts. Why is it asking for access to my Discord email address? Once you link your accounts, you have the option to update your email address on GASR whenever your email address is updated on Discord. This is entirely up to you and you can change these settings by going to your account settings page on this website. No information is being sent to us, it all goes to Discord; "GASRbot" is a virtual entity I created for the purpose of role and nickname management, updates, and nothing else. If you want to know which email address it used to link with, you'd have to go to your account settings via Discord's client. None of the GASR staff have access to that information. I linked my account and joined the server, why was I kicked out? If you remove your Discord settings on GASR, you will be removed from the server. GASRbot checks to see if you have a valid authorization on our website to ensure several things: a) You are a registered member with an email verified account. b) You have linked both of your accounts together, giving Discord/GASRbot authorization to access your GASR member group(s), username, and email address. c) You are not currently suspended, banned, or in a member group that is not allowed access to our server. GASRbot checks these things once per hour at the very least to ensure that your roles and username reflected in Discord match what you have on the website here, (Staff, Elite, AA, etc.), and to make sure those who are not meant to have access to the server, well, don't. Why is this now required to join a stupid Discord server? This helps the staff better assist the members who use our platforms, eliminating wasted resources on dead accounts, alternative accounts, and accounts belonging to those who do not use our website. While we have open arms for anyone interested in the art world, there is no way for us to fairly moderate the members who join us on Discord if they are not actually apart of our community. What if I don't want to link Discord to my GASR account? The server is completely optional for our members who use its platform in-between visits to our website. It's an easy way to keep up with the happenings here as various sections and direct topics entirely are updated on our server with new content in real time as its posted here. You do not need to or have to join, however, the process is fairly quick and takes about 15 seconds of your time to complete for those who are interested.
  7. Linking your account to discord does not unlock any topics on the website.
  8. ... Excuse me. I'm cancelling my order.
  9. Bust or Half Body : Bust References : https://sta.sh/2t96td7zzi0 Possible Pose : Legit up to you. She's a mermaid so she's very limited LOL. Text : Chelly or Alismora DP Crop? Yes Paypal Email : [email protected]
  10. Please refer to the post directly above yours. We've announced several times over a two week period that the server was strictly becoming members only and listed instructions on how to make sure you wouldn't get kicked out of the Discord once the deadline passed. Thanks!
  11. If your application is rejected and the notification link doesn't work for you guys, you can PM me to ask for the reason. I do put them on the app after we're done reviewing them, but I know it doesn't always work.
  12. We don’t use invite links anymore. Please use the discord button in the bottom-left corner. There is also a discord banner on the dashboard in the sidebar, and also on the forums homepage in the sidebar. These will help you get back in. I’ll update this topic to reflect the new changes soon.

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