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  1. We've got some ideas brewing right now on ways to improve reach for new artists starting out in our community.  We want to make sure everyone feels welcome and gets a fair, free chance to be seen starting out and we'll hopefully have a few nice incentives soon!



  2. Me: I wanna join in on this wtf let's GOOOOOOOOOOO Also me:
  3. Hi, I'm not dead, just been busy working on new products for my store and maintaining the giant vegetable/fruit garden I planted a couple weeks ago.  If you've PM'd me, just know I probably won't respond because you shouldn't be PM'ing me to do things like restoring shops, cleaning something out, asking me about events, or updates regarding applications. (You should be messaging Luxor about applications if you've already taken the assessment.)


    I will probably be busy a lot this summer, but who isn't I mean it's finally summer.  Get off your computers and go out and enjoy SUMMERRRRRRR.


    I have been keeping up with important techy things so no worries about that.  Just wanted to drop a quick update for anyone who wanted to read. :eue:

  4. You've yeed your last haw.
  5. Don’t. Feed. Trolls. 

  6. If I ever go missing, tell the authorities that @Pey is 100% involved somehow.



    1. Pey


      Wow rude

  7. country rooooooooooooooads

    take me hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooome

    to the plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace






  8. Its a work in progress payment button for the artists that get verified! It won’t work if anyone attempts to use it right now.
  9. Oooo, I didn't even think about that, honestly. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way with having their personal information in as little hands as possible, but I guess that leads us to another hurdle of options. If artists had the option to choose who handles all aspects, we could provide a notice on the print product whether or not the item is handled solely by us or the artist directly so that they know if their information is staying put or being sent to someone? Kind of like Amazon saying "this is sold by a third party" vs "this is sold and shipped by amazon". BRB GOOGLING. @SKloss Ahhhh, that paper sounds nice as hell. It's also not as expensive as I was expecting it to be. i saw the $100+ price tag first and was a little shook until I saw it was 25 sheets of a large size LMAO. I'll definitely note this down as one of the possible paper options!
  10. I was just looking into giclee since I do see it's quite popular for being high quality! I appreciate your suggestions, all of them are really useful and I'm building a little document of everything while I do more research on what we'd be able to provide here.
  11. Hey guys, I wanted to talk to everyone about prints. More specifically, is this something this community would be interested in both selling and buying them? I do see some artists here offer print versions for an additional cost at the commissioners request, but I also see members who don't really know much about prints at all, so I'm not sure where the community stands on this. An art print is a printed reproduction of an original work of art. This is a physical print of artwork that you can frame, hang, or use at your personal discretion. Prints vary in types and sizes, ranging from small photos and postcards to large posters and framed canvases. I have some questions I'd like for you guys to answer to the best of your ability to kind of see if this is something GASR could possibly add to a future roadmap. What kind of setup would you prefer? Sell directly from the gallery, add it to the already existing marketplace that already allows you to sell digital files, or something else entirely? What print options would you like to see? (Regular Prints, Canvas, Photos, Postcards, etc.) Do you want GASR to have full control of printing and shipping, or would you like to pick and choose which parts you'd like to oversee yourself? For example, you can create your own prints and have GASR handle the transactions and tell you where to ship, or GASR can create and ship the prints with no additional effort on your part. Have you ever purchased prints before? I hope a lot of you get involved in this discussion, even if you aren't familiar with prints in general!

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