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  1. new phone who dis

    1. Yeri


      the pizza delivery

  2. My repaint shop is open again please come order from me so I can buy Christmas presents :applause:



    I'll also be taking private orders for my art from scratch but I will be picky with them cause I'm super busy and don't wanna stress too much

  3. Thinking of reopening my repaint shop since those take less time and effort out of me but not sure if it would be worth it


  4. Super delayed but my shops are on hold for the moment. Super stressed and just don't feel like doing art for others atm. I'll finish the orders I have now and then maybe work on a premade shoppu :ooohyas:


  6. I'll be temp closing my shop in about a week, so last chance to order for a while!
    My tests are coming up soon and doing art for other people at the same time stresses me out so I have to take a break





    1. Hiroki


      Glad that I ordered before hand!

  7. [OCT 04, 2017] Age Verification

    ^They're trying to fix it but they're gonna give it a few weeks or so to make sure it won't happen again.
  8. GASR Now Has Twitch!

  9. Unfortunately I'll be starting school next week and I'm not sure if I'll have time to do commissions since my schedules aren't out yet. 

    Anyway, I need some money to pay off someone I've lent money from + other things so I'd really appreciate if you could check out my shops and see if you'd like to order something to help me out. I'll try to finish the commissions in a timely manner so even if I get busy next week it won't take long!

    My shops:

      Thank :bfcry:

  10. yello my frens

    my dear friend @Keturah is in need of funds for her cat's treatment after an unfortunate hyperthyroidism diagnosis

    if you could check out her shop and see if you're interested in her art I'm sure we'd both appreciate it



    1. Keturah


      you babe omgg bless youuu



  11. GASR Elite

    hei I had a background c: http://www.gasrforum.com/u25976
  12. Both of my custom shops are open pls come pay me a visit

    Extra points if u come with money :ohreally:

  13. Love u :hee:

    1. Kelsey


      i love you more though :coolkid:


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