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  1. Also, I will add this I've never done like body or booty artwork (not sure what they call ) dp so if anyone wants to I am willing to give it a shot just make sure to have reference etc.
  2. @Taiga I want to play around so I will also be doing scratch as well I want to do things see how they will turn out etc.
  3. The Collaboration [2] NEW BY KNECK!

    @Kneck 10k 2k left a comment on both took a screenshot of the one (: there is proof yay i'm so excited
  4. The Collaboration [2] NEW BY KNECK!

    Premade: #015 Text: Megumim Changes: (if possible - will cost extra) Total Price: 12k Suggestions none
  5. Hi welcome, I want to play around with new style and test out new things with this said. I am opening up this little practice shop here are few things though. 1. Please respect everyone 2.There will be a 2 slot system 3. This shop will not be here forever screenshot of avatar please have hair and without hair. If you have multiple references pick one; OC Imvu avatar Adoptoables etc. Form: Text: Reference:
  6. DP drawings. :)

    Your artwork is so adorable *is dying* Text: Megumim Refs:β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ Thanks for considering (:
  7. 5a87297ec77ed_mycopy.png.a82ede19e489e6643eebc35e92f46501.png Finish forΒ xMeykoΒ 

  8. Work In Progress

    custom for my friend
  9. @Cat Order Accept also since you are paying with Paypal, your next order is free ( you don't have to pay for the second order with credits if free) (:
  10. Available premade Also, I am doing a deal those who pay (premade are included in this deal) with Paypal next order will be free on custom/repaints
  11. Work In Progress

    wip and finish

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