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  • Birthday May 31

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    smol new doggo
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  1. http://prntscr.com/jhmcu6 mons sent !! its perfect ;=;
  2. @Rais omg yes oops probably shouldve mentioned they r robot asdfgh!! it looks so goodi love it everything you have done is perfect
  3. sarah

    ■ The Boar Hat ■ - [slots: 1/6]

    will order very soon! so excited to get art from you again ^^
  5. BOOM HELLO I LOVE U LONG TIME DP or Sticker/Icon: DP Single or Couple: Single Name/words on art: Sarah Handwritten or Font: Handwritten Border Color: UR CHOICE OC(s): my cute beb Expression: ur choice!! Any extra info: uhhh this oc has no gender so dont worry about making them too feminine or masculine cus they r both!! draw them however u desire Credits/Paypal: paypal ty my cute little prince ❤️
  6. sarah

    ■ The Boar Hat ■ - [slots: 1/6]

    are you still open? ;o
  7. sarah

    cute creepies

    omg your work is to die for! text: sarah i dont really have alot of creepy bebs but here is them all!
  8. sarah

    Free Experimental Anime Art

    Name: Sarah Oc: my sweet babs! Dp ideas: artistic freedom! Background Ideas: artistic freedom! thank you for considering
  9. sarah

    [x] Cold Hands| [2/5] |SAMPLE TEXT HERE |

    Proof shes so gorgeous ; ^ ;
  10. sarah

    [x] Cold Hands| [2/5] |SAMPLE TEXT HERE |

    @GRISEUS oh my god i love her so much ! shes so perfect im inlove ;=; ♥
  11. sarah

    ■ The Boar Hat ■ - [slots: 1/6]

    Proof ♥ Thank you so much! I am definitely going to order again ;=; your work is too beautiful
  12. sarah

    [x] Cold Hands| [2/5] |SAMPLE TEXT HERE |

    @GRISEUS frick you gave me the loudest scare ; ^ ; . sending now

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