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  1. Devil Eyes (0/4)

    credits sent! i couldnt grab proof because i was on imvu chat and it was a looooooooooong convo ;=;
  2. Proof shes so gorgeous ; ^ ;
  3. @GRISEUS oh my god i love her so much ! shes so perfect im inlove ;=; ♥
  4. ■ The Boar Hat ■ - [slots: 1/6]

    Proof ♥ Thank you so much! I am definitely going to order again ;=; your work is too beautiful
  5. @GRISEUS frick you gave me the loudest scare ; ^ ; . sending now
  6. hello fellow ugandan knuckles [x] Screenies/References: can i pm it? [x] Pose: artistic freedom to ye [x] Text (optional): Sarah [x] DP Crops: yis [x] Extra: ur shop title is right -- ur art is de wae god bless its so gorgeous [x] Total price: to be determined when i send ref
  7. Devil Eyes (0/4)

    Name: Sarah References: beb Pose reference: maybe her pulling the tape off from her mouth a little? im not sure. artistic freedom again Favorite colors: Purple, black, pink Any specifics or special requests: X absolutely adore your work ♥
  8. ■ The Boar Hat ■ - [slots: 1/6]

    @Zef i love her sm ; =; do you want me to send payment?
  9. Devil Eyes (0/4)

    @Varok she is gorgeous ;=; proof: http://prntscr.com/i1tujg will order extremely soon ; ^ ;
  10. ■ The Boar Hat ■ - [slots: 1/6]

    @Zef omg she is so cute ; ^ ; perfect so far. could her mask be a little more white and tinted a lil purple
  11. ■ The Boar Hat ■ - [slots: 1/6]

    @Zef omg bless u thank u ! so excited
  12. ■ The Boar Hat ■ - [slots: 1/6]

    Style; 2 Text; Sarah Screenies/references; ♥ Theme/colors; Cute, pink/purple Pose/expression; Expression: Big, round eyes. Mouth open slightly. Pose: Pulling mask down but her head facing sideways slightly + eyes facing towards 'camera', rather than being directly infront Extra details; your work is so pretty ; ^ ; Animation? X Price; $10

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