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  1. Love Machine

    Games are for people who don't care enough. Refs: here Text: Anteayer Extra?: None Price: 20$+ ive become a middle man for my friend
  2. || Pixel Chibis/Pagedolls ||

    approved of! xD thats soooo cute i may get one myself you may send invoice edit: invoiced paid im the middle man ;w;
  3. || Pixel Chibis/Pagedolls ||

    either or is fine ^^ ill send up screenshotting and sending it to her
  4. || Pixel Chibis/Pagedolls ||

    How many characters: 1 REF: https://sta.sh/212z4r0xzk85 Background: No background Personality: Bold, Sweet, Small Attitude Expression: Tired Extras: Blinking Email: Paypal; srivera154cm@gmail.com Note: my friend will be paying, this is also for her.
  5. SUNNY SIDE UP (OPEN) 2/5 slots

    Style: 3 headshot Text: Anteayer References: c: Description: everything in stash note: this is for a friends, she'll be paying (she doesn't have gasr) if you'd like to contact her pls tell me so i can give you info
  6. Honey. | open [11] |

    @Kayla http://prntscr.com/ih5g22 sent!
  7. Honey. | open [11] |

    🐝S W E E T H O N E Y. Premade#: 13 Text: Anteayer Changes?: Nope. Total: 4.00$
  8. OuO Shop | OPEN 1/5 Slots | ♥️

    hello im back and ordering for a friend! she'll send the payment etc. Type: Full body Color Email: I'll send it once accepted References: here ya go Other: Draw the companion too ^^ she will pay extra LOL Extra: DP Version with Mouserabbit as text ps. if you'd like to contact her you can do it through discord which is mouserabbit#3277
  9. @Y0UI hey! I love it and I haven't gotten any message from you
  10. It's beautiful! You can try wat you'd like it's so cute I should've gotten my oc done ;w; edit : payment sent!
  11. I'll send payment after work!
  12. Payment type: Paypal Refrences: tadaaa Background: Magical Text: Mouserabbit Extra info: The pet thingy (how much would it be?) Your total: 6$+ im here cause of triflings signature made me cuious about the shop
  13. Closed | Free OuO shop | Closed

    Form: Refs: Choose your fighter! Text: Esbee thank you for considering! really love you art <3 especially the one you did for me~
  14. Fullody/Halfbody | OPEN | Unlimited slots

    thank you for considering! hopefully hes to your liking ! OC : https://sta.sh/2arhkqo5hym?edit=1 (high key fem)

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