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  1. Am in LOVE with your OC Krew. Omg. She's adorable.


    1. Selena


      Aww thank you so much! 

    2. Kitty


      I appreciate pretty af OCs when I see them. KEEP UP GETTING MORE ART FOR ME TO ADMIRE!



    3. Selena


      Ahh it means a lot you think my OC is pretty ;u;

      I'll try to when I can but I gotta give my other babies some love too haha.

  2. GASR Quest


    This was a super fun event and I like how it was different and had a story behind it! Since it seems like it was a new idea maybe for next time you could make the ending longer like maybe add more things to be able to defeat evil and maybe make thinks a bit more clearer, not necessarily obvious but maybe more information when it comes to instructions. But I had a really good time so I can't wait for another event like this!

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