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  1. Caedis

    The Collaboration [1] NEW

    Payment sent lovely! ❤️
  2. Caedis

    The Collaboration [1] NEW

    If she’s not still available, please ignore this! For Kneck Premade: 038 Text: Tarra Changes: If possible, could there be watermark text (at the top and bottom) as Caedis? Total Price: $13 + if there’s a fee for the watermark Suggestions: More like these two! They’re gorgeous! 
  3. Caedis

    ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ //OPEN♥ ! //

    Oooo! I love! Can her skin just be a little paler by chance? >.<
  4. Caedis

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    Ooof, I love all of these stories. All of you are so strong and it's so admirable and inspiring. Thank you all for being who you are because you are all wonderful, amazing, and beautiful. 🌈✨😍
  5. Updated! @SomeNerdyGirl A reward point will be granted once final payment is received ❤️
  6. @Animu Lookie! This reminds me of your OC. 🌈😁
  7. Caedis

    ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ //OPEN♥ ! //

    Both payments sent lovely! Proof 1 ♥ Proof 2 ♥
  8. Caedis

    🌻psro's shopピサロ🌻 Temporarily Closed -/-

    It was so worth the wait! She's so adorable and I'm totally in love!
  9. Caedis

    🌻psro's shopピサロ🌻 Temporarily Closed -/-

    She's perfect hun! I'll send payment in a second here! Thank you so much for making those changes too. I'm sorry for being a butt >.< Edit: Payment sent lovely! Proof ♥
  10. »»»»»»» About Me ««««««« Ways to contact me: Hey there friends! My name is Tarra and I’ll be helping Taylor with her shop! I’m 22 years old and from Minnesota. I’m currently in nursing school and loooove unicorns and cats (as I’m sure some of you have noticed LOL). In order to help Taylor, I will be in charge of rewards, slots, and order progress! I, of course, will also help Taylor with anything else she needs. Feel free to ask me questions in regards to your rewards and order! I look forward to getting to know all of you. ♥ Point System ««««««« »»»»»»» Slots For each custom purchase, you will receive one point! These points help you unlock rewards! Points and rewards will be marked by the following icons: - 1 Point - 1 Free Simple Animation - 1 50% off coupon - VIP Membership - Used Reward Rewards include the following: 3 points - 1 Free basic animation 5 points - 50% off your next purchase 10 points - VIP membership and 1 free custom VIP members get free basic animation, a notification of when slots are opening, and a 30% discount on each purchase. Terms of VIP membership: VIP membership is renewed each time you make a purchase. If you do not purchase a custom after 3 months, your VIP membership will expire. Reward Tracker: - paid - half paid - unpaid 1. @Noxey 2. Open!
  11. Paid bb ♥ Proof ♥ May I just say that this gorl takes my breath away? She's so beautiful that she's clouding my judgement. May I just say that the other gorl is hauntingly beautiful? She can haunt my dreams any day. *cry* I can't think of anymore puns.
  12. I'D LIKE A PREMADE! Premade Name: Air Text: Tarra Add-ons: Watermark text as Caedis Total + tip?: $26

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