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  1. ✦ M I X X ✦ 0 ✦

    I would love to see a preview! ;o
  2. 🌙 月 T S U K I ● Premades ● (0)

    @Pea Payment sent! ♥ Proof ♥ @Sheeply Thank you wifey ♥
  3. ☾ SANCTUARY ☾ | 2/2 |FULL | Important; pg 4

    I love the first one but is it possible to have a darker sky? I like the night sky but a darker look like the second and last one c:
  4. ☾ SANCTUARY ☾ | 2/2 |FULL | Important; pg 4

    I love the one on the left! Sorry >.<
  5. ☾ SANCTUARY ☾ | 2/2 |FULL | Important; pg 4

    She looks so amazing ;u ; Could the hair be a little less voluminous? Sorry >.< Just a tad at the top. >.<
  6. ☾ SANCTUARY ☾ | 2/2 |FULL | Important; pg 4

    Yesss! This looks perfect ♥
  7. (2) † 666 AVENUE † |

    Sorry for the delay, I was asleep. LOL. Payment was sent! Proof ♥
  8. ⛧ Square⛧ Hammer⛧ (New premade)

  9. ☾ SANCTUARY ☾ | 2/2 |FULL | Important; pg 4

    YAAAAS. I love her so far! Could she be a little paler like the neko one I bought from you? Er well my current one since I'm using it now :P
  10. (2) † 666 AVENUE † |

    Premade: Cat Changes: Can the top part of the hair be black, her eyes gray, and the pinks lighter/paler? Like a light blush pink? >.< Text: Tarra Watermark: Caedis Price: $43?
  11. (2) † 666 AVENUE † |

    Can I put Cat on hold? c:
  12. ☾ Sanctuary ☾ | (0)

    Ooo, well definitely a pink demon for the second one. So pink and whites? And pale skin? Kinda like the screen. cx I like black and red for the second one. So a black shirt with red letters? Maybe some horns for her too? And a collar with a big o ring? :o And the first one should have black hair with a pink shirt with a cat collar so one with a bell *coughs* I want it
  13. ☾ SANCTUARY ☾ | 2/2 |FULL | Important; pg 4

    Ooo, I love the cuts too! And I think the hair looks great! Sorry, I just really like long hair cx
  14. ☾ SANCTUARY ☾ | 2/2 |FULL | Important; pg 4

    I am in LOVE with this! She looks awesome! As for the dots, I think it'd look really cool if they were also on top. Originally I hadn't thought it would look cool but seeing her made me change my mind LOL. So yes, I think it'd look awesome cx Change wise though, could her hair be longer and maybe a little fuller at the top? >.< Sorry.

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