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  1. AkiraSama

    Free Experimental Anime Art

    @NovaStar I also did a blinking animation too 🙂
  2. AkiraSama

    Free Experimental Anime Art

  3. AkiraSama

    Free Experimental Anime Art

    Picking some of these now!
  4. This sounds precious! I will try if I can find the time to practice drawing.
  5. AkiraSama

    Free Experimental Anime Art

    Wow!! So many options! I will be picking some of these this weekend! I'm ready to try some pretty detailed art so hopefully, my laziness does not stop me!
  6. AkiraSama

    Free Experimental Anime Art

    I will be picking a few over the weekend, for all the lovely choices. You also can keep posting if you want, I don't mind having more options.
  7. AkiraSama

    Free Experimental Anime Art

  8. AkiraSama

    Free Experimental Anime Art

    I just want to play with Anime style more, I never really focused on it so I am offering some free experimental things to anyone who posts an oc that inspires me. Pretty simple, fill out the form my lovelies and I will sort through them and see if I can sketch out something! Name: Oc: Dp ideas: Background Ideas: I can't promise that anything will be consistent because I'm still learning the program I'm drawing with and I'm also very lazy when it comes to finishing super detail art (My Shop style is super simple) Good luck, and thank you for taking the time to read this.
  9. AkiraSama

    The Handwriting Tag

    Why was I tagged? My hand writing is so embarrassing... I did it anyways. I don't have friends to tag... so I'll tag people from my shop.... Sorry people... @Gutz @Aerie @MatchaTea
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