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TaiyaChan | F | 1992 | Mexico

Hi! My name is (not) Taiya, but please call me like that~  1052781367.gif 
I am a recent graduate in animation & digital art!
Mexico's art and animation industry sucks and most jobs are either for graphic design (which I personally don't feel good at) or terribly paid. 😞

Currently my main income is from GASR commissions. Thank you very much for your support! I appreciate it aloootttt 1342241245.gif  474351043.gif 

I love everyone~
So feel free to talk to me and stuff ❤️



Programs I use!
Paint Tool SAI (main)
Photoshop (only for texts,animations&effects)
Sometimes Clip Studio Paint (for drawings/paintings)

Tools I use!
Ugee 2150 Pen Display Tablet ❤️
Alienware x51
HP Laptop & old wacom intuos 4 (when not home)




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