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  1. I did an auction for a beautiful winter half body premade if anyone interested (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)


  2. GASR Now Has Twitch!

    Me discovering who was yesterday on mah stream and trying to remeber their usernames Also thanks for hosting me yesterday!!! I guess you no longer need my url
  3. ahh haven't updated!  but IM BACK IN MEXICO!!

    I will try to keep up with my commissions! Thanks everyone for your patience! :khappy:

  4. hey beautiful peeps!

    Im in Canada so I might be very slow for a few weeks

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    2. Barbie


      Have fun there! :hee:

    3. TaiyaChan


      Thank you both <3

    4. Gutz


      I hope you are having a lovely time sweetie! :> ♥


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