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  1. GerilliaSan

    [2018] GASR Secret Santa

    FORM ☃ I'd like to be a part of GASR's Secret Santa! ❄ Examples of your art: What will you be making?: (drawing, edit, pixel, etc) Drawing/edit I promise to deliver my gift on time and make it with the utmost of care! From my Secret Santa, however, I would like... Name/text: Gerli References (or screenies): x Extra Details: Without the cat, please
  2. GerilliaSan


    A custom for lKinkyl
  3. GerilliaSan


    A custom for RavenSemeleAmbroasia.
  4. GerilliaSan


    Sold to NinjaFish.
  5. GerilliaSan


    Thank you!
  6. GerilliaSan


    A premade sold to Ririen @IMVU
  7. GerilliaSan


    Enji's Art Lounge auction piece.
  8. GerilliaSan


    A commission for MilkyMinnie at IMVU.
  9. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [4/5] - [GOAL SHOP]

    I love it, tysm dear! ;_;
  10. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [4/5] - [GOAL SHOP]

    The brows look good! I meant the pupils, the black part of the eye not the actual eye itself. Make the current eyes a little smaller and make the black part wider c: Then is perfect!
  11. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [4/5] - [GOAL SHOP]

    Is lovely! But could you make the brows kind of like here? More extended and sharper. Could you also make the cat's pupils bigger? about x3 the current size. Payment also sent: x
  12. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [4/5] - [GOAL SHOP]

    form text : Gerli color / y or n / : Yes refs : OC x expression : Neutral/happy bg : A sky maybe? extra : - price : 4k
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