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  1. Posted my forms as well.
  2. Can i be added to the waitlist too? ;-; ♥ Style: 1 ♥ Text: Gerli ♥ References: Pose: x With butterflies flying out. Try to make the arms placed so it's still considered GA. One hand to look like this: x Haircolor: x Hairstyle: x Eyemakeup: x Match the brows with hair. Two toned eyes: x x Im also considering a third eye, so could you give me a wip with and without one so i could decide if i want two toned eyes or all 3 same coloured? ;u; Pale skin. Unsure about the lipcolor, i think a natural nude would do fine. ♥ Extra/add-ons: Horns, one broken x ♥ Animation?: Blinking, butterflies moving and her mouth opening or smiling. ♥ Payment: Credits ♥ Style: 1 ♥ Text: Ben & Gerli and a version just with Gerli as well if possible. ♥ References: I basically want you to do my OC but with a few changes im going to add references to in this form: x Don't give her any of the accessories or clothing in the stash OC, give her lighter makeup with a light nude lip. Pose idea: x Sushi roll: x I want her to be holding this bunny with her arm against her body x ♥ Extra/add-ons: Add this sleeping mask on her head pulled up, not covering the eyes: x Have this dotted grey blanket over her shoulders x This camisole, the reference is small but it's the best i could find, basically light grey, white lace and a small baby pink bow: x ♥ Animation?: Bites into the sushi, blinking. ♥ Payment: Credits
  3. GerilliaSan

    [2018] GASR Secret Santa

    FORM ☃ I'd like to be a part of GASR's Secret Santa! ❄ Examples of your art: What will you be making?: (drawing, edit, pixel, etc) Drawing/edit I promise to deliver my gift on time and make it with the utmost of care! From my Secret Santa, however, I would like... Name/text: Gerli References (or screenies): x Extra Details: Without the cat, please
  4. GerilliaSan


    A custom for lKinkyl
  5. GerilliaSan


    A custom for RavenSemeleAmbroasia.
  6. GerilliaSan


    Sold to NinjaFish.
  7. GerilliaSan


    Thank you!
  8. GerilliaSan


    A premade sold to Ririen @IMVU
  9. GerilliaSan


    Enji's Art Lounge auction piece.
  10. GerilliaSan


    A commission for MilkyMinnie at IMVU.
  11. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [1/6]+ 2pre

    I love it, tysm dear! ;_;
  12. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [1/6]+ 2pre

    The brows look good! I meant the pupils, the black part of the eye not the actual eye itself. Make the current eyes a little smaller and make the black part wider c: Then is perfect!
  13. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [1/6]+ 2pre

    Is lovely! But could you make the brows kind of like here? More extended and sharper. Could you also make the cat's pupils bigger? about x3 the current size. Payment also sent: x
  14. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [1/6]+ 2pre

    form text : Gerli color / y or n / : Yes refs : OC x expression : Neutral/happy bg : A sky maybe? extra : - price : 4k
  15. Hey there and welcome to GASR!  If you ever need assistance, please don't hesitate to use the options sent to you via PM!  The current staff list can be found here.   :byaslove:

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