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About GerilliaSan

  • Birthday 06/19/1999

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  1. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [6/6] WL[1/2] 50% off until 31st

    I love it, tysm dear! ;_;
  2. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [6/6] WL[1/2] 50% off until 31st

    The brows look good! I meant the pupils, the black part of the eye not the actual eye itself. Make the current eyes a little smaller and make the black part wider c: Then is perfect!
  3. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [6/6] WL[1/2] 50% off until 31st

    Is lovely! But could you make the brows kind of like here? More extended and sharper. Could you also make the cat's pupils bigger? about x3 the current size. Payment also sent: x
  4. GerilliaSan

    ♡ L Y O N 06:26 ♡ [4/4] wait list[1/1]

    It's perfect, no changes needed. Tysm hun! ♡
  5. GerilliaSan

    nicopuri [6/6] WL[1/2] 50% off until 31st

    form text : Gerli color / y or n / : Yes refs : OC x expression : Neutral/happy bg : A sky maybe? extra : - price : 4k
  6. GerilliaSan

    ♡ L Y O N 06:26 ♡ [4/4] wait list[1/1]

    Awesome! ;u; Credits have been transferred too! x
  7. GerilliaSan

    ♡ L Y O N 06:26 ♡ [4/4] wait list[1/1]

    Is it possible to define the chest more, it looks kind of 'dirty' with the grey shading, so i'd prefer the shading colour you used on the collarbone/neck and nose(orangeish brown) ;u; Could you define the chokers black straps a lil more thinner and add the white highlight like on the current shirt on it? Make the straps that go around her neck more defined too. There are these straps going over the shoulders that i'm not a fan of, is it possible to remove them all together? A grey text too, silver if you will c: Then it would be perfect, hope this isn't too much! Will fill a support ticket.
  8. GerilliaSan

    ♡ L Y O N 06:26 ♡ [4/4] wait list[1/1]

    ♡ L Y O N 06:26 ♡ Ordering: Repaint style 1 Text: Gerli Watermark: - References/Screenies(if a repaint): x Background idea? : A burnt down forest x Animation: Blinking eyes Details: Remove the tattoos on her chest. I definitely want the horns to show, would be nice if the pearls were hanging more. You can use this previous dp done for me as a reference: x Payment method: Credits Let me know about the total price, not sure if animations cost extra. The shop said 3/4 so i hope it's okay! ;u ;
  9. Hey there and welcome to GASR!  If you ever need assistance, please don't hesitate to use the options sent to you via PM!  The current staff list can be found here.   :byaslove:

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