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  • Birthday 06/27/2002

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  1. sick

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    thank you SO SO SO MUCH!! my paypal is mabingo@email.com (email not gmail hAHA)
  2. sick

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    soRRY i am the slowest, ,oh my goodne s
  3. sick

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    thaNK YOU SO MUCH!! i honestly forgot that hER FISHNETS COVER HER LEGS AHAHA,, ill fix her up and get her to you asap!!!!
  4. sick

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    @Projection i think i am finished,, unless there is anything you would like me to change!!
  5. sick


    hello, thank u so muCH!! i will get started on ur boy asap!!!!
  6. sick

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    heres a wip!! sorry for taking so so so long to get to you (rlly bad art block) ill get the finished version to you in a bit!!! lmk if anything should be changed
  7. extremely sorry to everyone waiting on customs from me!! i have a 3 day break so i am going to try and finish them up before tuesday!! 







  8. sick


  9. sick

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    @Projection oh alright! sounds good, take your time!! also i was wondering when youre ready, if instead of Mimori i could do Grime? Enjoy your concert!
  10. done in paint tool sai, for sale in my premade shop!
  11. sick

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    @Projection of course!!! thank you so much, just let me know whenever!
  12. sick

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    hello! i'd like to try Mimori if thats alright!! ^ this is how i price my drawings! (but we could work something out if you don't like these prices!!) ^ v examples of my art v
  13. hello! i'd like to draw her if thats alright with u!! ^ this is how i price my drawings! (its negotiable tho if you don't like these prices!!) ^ v examples of my art v
  14. sick

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    OC's name: Lillith My price: $12 for shoulder up, $17 for waist up Animations? Yes/No & What?: not atm! My WIP/ Art examples ( i don't have any chibiish examples atm but i could attempt one if youd like! ) 
  15. sick

    Quill & Ink

    Which OC/Screenie?: Memi Examples of art: Prices (Including fees for any add-ons): Do you offer animations?: not at the moment! thanks!!

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