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  1. Do you remember me? (DpEdit) Giveaway

    i give 1 day more
  2. Do you remember me? (DpEdit) Giveaway

    List updated
  3. Do you remember me? (DpEdit) Giveaway

    9h remain for enter the giveaway
  4. Game Over [Open]

    @Sexologist you need to waituntil i give you the last wip to send the credits, but thanks i'm gonna try to finish your order today
  5. kachow | 2/2 | OPEN POLL

    Nicky it's here to help
  6. Friends, Always { 1 } Claim your wip

    Oh, wow, make more couple
  7. Do you remember me? (DpEdit) Giveaway

    @Suprea @Elise Sorry girls, maybe next time ^^ @Pey Thank you And list updated
  8. Do you remember me? (DpEdit) Giveaway

    @Suprea @Elise Hope you have read my shop, if you have an old art from me, you need only to add the screen and the dp on the form
  9. Hello, i'm Nicole i'm here because i wanna try to redo some dp i made long time ago because i wanna see how much my style has changed if you remember me and you still have the dp and the screen drop your form here must be at least 5 months ago i'm gonna make only 4 dp that I will extract randomly on the list if you have question i'm gonna answer you soon as i can You have the countdown here List Hiroki Freycent llsensi Artemas Form Screen: Old Dp: Text:
  10. Game Over [Open]

    @Sexologist first wip
  11. Help me practice

    @Kani Screen: xXx Text: ExDies Artistic freedom
  12. Game Over [Open]

    @Sexologist Accepted @Tasia Ok, i'm gonna make the animation and pm you everything
  13. I'm gonna stalk this
  14. Game Over [Open]

    @TasiaLast wiip tell me if i need to change or add something

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