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  1. @Cain aaaaa thank you very much!
  2. I'm also ready to participate with the overlays I would like to go with this one, if someone could help add it to my picture please.
  3. OKAY, last post I promise.

    If anybody enjoys binge watching movies/tv shows/documentaries  ect like I do,

    You're more than welcome to join my room on rabb.it and we can binge watch a bunch of things together. 

    Movie day/night. I welcome everyone. Send me a message if interested!

    P.S. Just thought it would be something fun to do!

    Hopefully this is allowed.




    1. Flap


      I can’t today but will def be up for it another time cri :bfahh:

    2. Alxi


      ooo yay I'm so excited! Send me a message tomorrow when you're free and we will bingeeee :lazeshydance:

  4. Totally down to  make  some new friends. :lazeshydance:


  5. Premade: Rose Name on premade(one): Alxi Watermark(yes/no): Yes Paypal email(here or pm): alxiimvu@outlook.com Total: $45 Do you agree to my TOS: Yes.
  6. Alxi

    IRL Photos

  7. Alxi


    Love this, especially the hair colors
  8. :byaslove:  :cutehehehaaas:

    1. Alxi


      :walove::blush: sending all the love.

    2. Ophelia


      :klovee::lazeflirt: ty bb!!! you cheered my day right up

    3. Alxi


      That makes me so happy! You're welcome and anytime!:blush::lazedances:

  9. In case anybody feels unappreciated,  I just wanted to say I appreciate you. :walove:

  10. When you binge watch the entire show and now you have to find something else to binge watch.. :icry:

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    2. Alxi


      LOL, that's greatttttttttttt. I will definitely get to watching that then! Thanks for reminding me.  xD 

    3. Wrath


      no problem! glad to have helped you solve your issue of not knowing what to watch xD

    4. Alxi


      Yes, I'm glad too! xD

  11. Happy New Years everyone! :fingerguns:

  12. Alxi

    IRL Photos

    Currently missing my babygirl, had to put her down two months ago due to cancer.

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