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  1. @Cain aaaaa thank you very much!
  2. I'm also ready to participate with the overlays I would like to go with this one, if someone could help add it to my picture please.
  3. OKAY, last post I promise.

    If anybody enjoys binge watching movies/tv shows/documentariesย ย ect like I do,

    You're more than welcome to join my room on rabb.it and we can binge watch a bunch of things together.ย 

    Movie day/night. I welcome everyone. Send me a message if interested!

    P.S. Just thought it would be something fun to do!

    Hopefully this is allowed.




    1. Flap


      I canโ€™t today but will def be up for it another time criย :bfahh:

    2. Alxi


      ooo yay I'm so excited! Send me a message tomorrow when you're free and we will bingeeeeย :lazeshydance:

  4. Totally downย toย ย makeย ย some new friends.ย :lazeshydance:


  5. @Dykz OMG, She's perfect! Thank you so much
  6. Premade: Rose Name on premade(one): Alxi Watermark(yes/no): Yes Paypal email(here or pm): alxiimvu@outlook.com Total: $45 Do you agree to my TOS: Yes.
  7. Alxi

    IRL Photos

  8. Hopefully you're still taking orders. Avatar name: Alxi References: xx + Artistic freedom. Colours u like: Darker colors mostly, black, greys, reds, ect & white. Text: Alxi Watermark? (yes or no) Yes (if yes what watermark u want): Alxi Total price: Animation isn't necessary, $30?
  9. @Tin Payment has been sent, Proof. Tyyyyy so much
  10. @Tin omg everything looks perfect! No changes.
  11. Alxi


    Love this, especially the hair colors
  12. :byaslove:ย ย :cutehehehaaas:

    1. Alxi


      :walove::blush: sending all the love.

    2. Ophelia


      :klovee::lazeflirt:ย ty bb!!! you cheered my day right up

    3. Alxi


      That makes me so happy! You're welcome andย anytime!:blush::lazedances:

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