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    Impossible for me to see the giveaway token on status update :/ so i will not be able to give that giftcard today. until i find a solution.
    Ok a good samaritan pm me the list for the gift card XD! thank you again, so i will be able to announce the winner today. You guys still have to midnight today (eastern time) to enter!
    1. Amaya


      I can see all the names if you want me to get them for you? :blush:

    2. Sorcelly


      cas just pm me the list but thank you very much for your help Kita! :cutehehehaaas:



    3. Amaya


      No worries! :blove:

  2. was  feeling really bad all the sudden , have nausea, hope i will not get sick
    will try to announce a winner for the 15$ giftcard tomorrow sorry guys  :(
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    2. Lunna


      Hope you feel better soon hun tumblr_m3e0qbUo231qf290m.gif.4403ba8667fa82d5d45d021a71ac3dc4.gif

    3. Grit


      Get well soon love! Take good care of yourself. 💖  :blove:

    4. Moan


      Feel better soon! :byaslove:

    Win a 15$ GASR gift card!
    Hey guys just want to thank you all for your wonderful support , And to show you how much i love ya i decide to give someone a 15$ GASR prepaid card.
    how to enter:  react this post with a Giveaway token! Simple and easy! 
    All name will be added to a name randomizer and the winner will be announced march 25 midnight eastern time!
    1. Sorcelly


      something really weird is that i don't see the reaction on this post :O 

    2. Sorcelly


      does someone seeing the giveaway token on this post?



    Hey guys just a little update for those who are waiting for new stuff.


    I was super busy recently + had this bad art block. I was so exhausted and lazy cannot draw anything even if i tried really hard. But the good thing is that im starting to feel a lot better now. I should be back in a week or 2 on a regular basis for premades! 






  5. Spending 2 days trying to draw on bigger canvas and ending by doin nothing at all. 




    1. Amaya
    2. Barbie


      Can relate!


    3. Vangst


      I understand your struggle all too well :lazecry:

  6. Playing ARK survival evolved, drinking some monster and eat **** doritos.


    life can be awesome.



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    2. Sorcelly


      @Sadistic im currently on a private ps4 serv to show the game to some friends but do you usually play on steam or on ps4?


      @Kita i google it and read a little bit more about it , seems so cool but im in the same situation as you i need to save LOL

    3. Amaya


      Guuurrl, need to add that PSN. LMAO, it's always saving. :icry: will get there soon hopefully tho!

    4. Lovelace


      I also have Ark. I've only played for like 20 minutes though, because no idea what I'm doing, but we should play together sometime!

  7. working on those customs to help me with that stupid art block! OMG god help me lol


    I think this is the first time i have that kind of art block this killing me, What do you guys do to help you in that case? :odead:

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    2. Lunna


      Usually a listen to music that I like or some inspirational music or searching for some refs hoping that something come up to my head lol if not, I just take a break for a bit :blove:

    3. Morvium


      I am not good at drawing but I write and edit and sometimes get a block

      What I tend to do is either watch movies or read or watch youtube videos hoping to get inspired and it usually works x

      I feel like when you just spend time "researching" all the things you love (in the stuff you watched/read/analysed) connects in your head and ideas come naturally - like for example maybe watch other artist's progress, go to an art gallery, watch a movie, read a book  or even an article about an interesting topic (like mythology etc) or so on

      Hope this helps at least a little x

    4. Cymette


      I agree with @Morvium, but I also go outside. Specifically, I either walk through nature or I go shopping - one because I love to shop, but two because those trends are constantly turning over and changing with the seasons. Also, asking people for suggestions helps me a lot too! Finding out what interests others can spark new ideas in me or reignite old interests!

  8. I believe I may be late, but this is for you! :bapplause:


    1. Sorcelly


      LOOOL omg this video is precious hahah thank you!

  9. Sorcelly


    awwn thank you !! Happy birthday too @Zkyan @Wiccan @Lulubb and @Kynareth
  10. hey guys just a little update for those who are waiting for premades. I did not have time for art at all recently , but i should work on new stuff this week.






    1. Morvium


      Had to stop by and say that I love the GIF  haha (just rewatched Beetlejuice this week  <3)

    2. Reaper


      WOO can’t wait. :ohreally: 

  11. Sorcelly

    Lurk [0]

    this adopt is amazing you guys makes me want to create some but omg im lazy to do fullbodies XD!
  12. Good news Marley completely recover from the vestibular disease and did not get any permanent aftermath yay ! Here my 2 boys Marley and Chucky :lazeblush:


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    2. Cymette


      Atta boy, Marley! :byaslove:

    3. Cupid


      Awww, they are both adorable. I am so glad to hear he has recovered completely! :lldance:

    4. Lunna


      That’s so good! Makes me really happy :aww:

      Your boys are beautiful :cutehehehaaas: 

  13. Sad Day cause today we lost a really good singer.  Dolores O’Riordan was the leader of The Cranberries a group that rock my childhood, and still give me some chills when i listen to Zombie or linger. I have really good memories about their songs since some great moment in my life happened while i was listen to some of them.


    Send all my love and prayers to the familly i just want to express all the love and respect i have for her and all the great music she bring to this world.





    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sad


      Linger is one of my favs </3

    3. Moan
    4. Moirai


      This was middle school years for me, so this does hit me in a sad way :( Shocked me when I heard about it :(

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