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  1. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    @Opheliac tyvm @Cymette will make more of that kind in the future :) @Disintegrate thank you so much! AND OMG i totally forget about the dp you have now i still love it :P @Ahgase planning making some red head @PeculiarDork thank you so much i must admit im a big fan of your art myself Also BIG annoucement for future premade. Im SO lazy atm with low inspiration + feel really rusty so i think about something, i want to practice on new things planning to work a little bit on the realism of my premades. i will not go with the super realistic thing since this style require good ref and too easy to get lost in the heavy ref thing lool,. But just want them to look a little bit less cartoony.

    who said motivation God i need motivation so bad right now feeling rusty and lazy atm lool And of course i really like the new art , Claw was so pretty too the color and everything wow.
  3. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    @HoneyBear accepted you may send
  4. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    @Morvium yeah both form accepted you may send
  5. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    @Morvium accepted you may send @PeculiarDork omg thank you! honestly at first i was like omg i feel so rusty
  6. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    @Babydoll accepted you may send :)
  7. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

  8. hey guys just a little update for those who are waiting for premades. I did not have time for art at all recently , but i should work on new stuff this week.






    1. Morvium


      Had to stop by and say that I love the GIF  haha (just rewatched Beetlejuice this week  <3)

    2. Latex


      WOO can’t wait. :ohreally: 

  9. [2018] Lunar New Year Celebration

    happy lunar new year Everyone! And WOW i really want to congratz the person who draw the mascot for this event i love it SO much With the layout and everything this look awesome .
  10. Lurk [0] Temporary Poll

    this adopt is amazing you guys makes me want to create some but omg im lazy to do fullbodies XD!
  11. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    @Lovelace thank you very much hun! Still not sure about the next theme but i like do create dark haired babe for sure XD @Karismic thank you! yeah moan give me this theme as idea for next premade and decide to create a whole batch with it lol @Ctiku thank you very much @KinkyCurse thanks hun yeah my schedule is a little bit weird sometime lol but you and @Ahgase should like the fact that i might post earlier next time.
  12. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    @Aime thank you! yeah i was like i need to do one dark mermaid at least! XD will send shortly :) Thats all premades for today Not sure about when ill post new stuff and will keep my next theme as a surprise lool.
  13. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    @Grit thank you! accepted you may send
  14. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    @Grit you forget the name please repost your form :)
  15. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    Deep Blue Sea 4 animated dps + 4 Basic 76 CAD

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