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About Layla

  • Birthday 07/31/1997

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  1. Layla

    PSYCHEDELIC I Premade Shop [4] New

    @Dreams Oh It seeems i cant really give credits, it hasnt been 24 hours since I purchased them yet! Sorry :/ Do you mind if I switch over to Paypal?
  2. Layla

    PSYCHEDELIC I Premade Shop [4] New

    @Dreams Thats okay who do I send the credits to?
  3. Layla

    PSYCHEDELIC I Premade Shop [4] New

    Premade: #3 Name: One version with Loranie and one with Lay Text: above Watermark: n/A Price: 5k if the haircolour could be changed from pink to blonde with the rainbow shades still would be appreciated, i could pay a bit more <3
  4. Layla


    @Lydi I know right, I saw her and I had to get her :D! But I'm sure you'll get your chance sometime @ColourM makes some great premades ^^
  5. Layla

    Serendipity - 3 -

    ♥ Avatar Name: Loranie ♥ Premade Name: I dont really see a name but I'd like the blonde one in the middle. ♥ Text: one version with Lor and one with Lay (IMVU + GASR) I hope thats ok ♥ Watermark? no ♥ (if yes) Text of watermark: ♥ Total price: 25USD
  6. Layla

    ⋆Color Me Kitty---[Open] 0/3

    @starlites Hey hun hope you're okay I'm back! 。Text: One version with Loranie and one with Lay 。Style: 3 。Screenies/Ocs: will pm if accepted. 。Theme: Inked. 。Color Scheme: on refs. 。extra: n/a 。Price: 4k
  7. Layla

    Moon Phases - Slots Open

    @Ellyn I suppose the backgrounds left to be done as well! And she looks great :]
  8. @Bunnycat I love it! How much do i send?
  9. Layla

    Moon Phases - Slots Open

    @Ellyn can her hair be a bit more blondish and also can there be no kitty ears for this order? thank you so much ^^
  10. Layla

    Moon Phases - Slots Open

    @Ellyn She loooks gorgeous! ❤️
  11. @Cheese Air was so beautiful!
  12. Layla

    Moon Phases - Slots Open

    @Ellyn Nice, are you still going to add the tatts? ❤️
  13. @Bunnycat Yes, perfect! Alright thank you so much ^^
  14. @Bunnycat I love it can you just show a bit of her hair on the side as well like her hairstyle more forward? the colour is perfect tho! Also should I send payment already or send the total once you finish the second 1? ❤️
  15. Layla

    ☾ Sanctuary ☾ | (1) |

    I love the last one. And thats okay, I'll PM the tattoo refs ❤️

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