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  1. @Tsukimi Aww! I love it. It's aesthetically pleasing!
  2. @Tsukimi hahaha! Not creepy at all! Its a pleasure! Thank you so much! I love it
  3. Hiroki

    Get lucky

    Hello! oc: Shoji text: Hiroki description: Jsbshddb ok I suck at this. But here we go. This boi here is a one different 9 tailed fox with white tails and black ends of the tail same for his ears that are foxlike. He has a purple shimmering skin and an open chest that looks like a cage you could see his ribs and his heart. His 2 arms are different from eachother. Right one is black and with spikes while the Left looks like long claws. His eyes are amberish and his hair is white. He wears black leather skinny pants and boots. Right boot black and and left boot white. He has a kitsune mask that he wears sometimes. He likes solitude and hates people. I hope that this is clear. Thank you for considering.
  4. I’d like some help with my GASR profile since I suck with this. Anyone would be up to help out?

    1. Sai


      You mean a table for your profile? o.o

    2. Hiroki
    3. Sai


      Here's a good tutorial xD 


  5. Hiroki

    smthn simple ✦

    Hey! Very cute artstyle Text: one with Hiroki and one with Marshall Ocs: Males - Females  thanks for considering!
  6. Hiroki

    <3 Practice

    Hey! Its good to see you around again! Text: one with Hiroki and one with Marshall Ocs: Males - Females thanks for considering!
  7. Hiroki


    Hey! Name/Text: Hiroki References: Males - Females Extras/ideas:  artistic freedom thanks for considering!
  8. Theme: Cute and adorable bear boy References: Michaello Text: one with Hiroki and one with Marshall Extra: I hope its ok to pm me wips or piece after its done Total: $12
  9. Hey! Text: Hiroki Oc/ref: Males - Females Theme: depends on oc Anything else?: - thanks for considering

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