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  1. Hiroki

    Dankula's free art practice

    Bust up or chibi or cartoon pls (male for any if we arent allowed to choose its ok then), do show wips, ty.
  2. Hiroki

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot 1/3 ++-- OPEN!!!

    Its perfect! No changes. Will send you our emails in pm.
  3. Hiroki

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot 1/3 ++-- OPEN!!!

    It definitely looks better! Dont forget the rest of the accessories :) do show me a wip again as well!
  4. Hiroki

    watercolor art

    Heyyy welcome back ocs: Males - Females text: Hiroki thanks for considering
  5. Hiroki

    Free crap

    Hello oc: Shoji text: Hiroki thanks for considering
  6. Hiroki

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot 1/3 ++-- OPEN!!!

    I added ears appearance reference for the merman in the links inside "merman refs", please make sure to draw his ears this way as well!
  7. Hiroki

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot 1/3 ++-- OPEN!!!

    It looks really good! But there are some changes that I want. First the anatomy overall of the witch looks bigger to me than the merman (I noticed it from the head, but it goes to the body too), like can she has somewhat similar anatomy sizewise. Can the witch and the merman expression be the same to the pose/expression ref I linked? Also can you include all the details of her clothing + the hairstyle and color + eyecolor + all accessories for it to be the same as the avatar references? Same goes for him. Thats all what I can think of rn, but please do show me a wip after changes. Thank you.
  8. Hiroki

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot 1/3 ++-- OPEN!!!

    Thank you :)! Looking forward to it.
  9. Hiroki

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot 1/3 ++-- OPEN!!!

    ▪ References: All here ▪ Theme: Fantasy, Couple ▪ Anything else I should know: for background I'd love for it to be something fit for like a mixture of merman environment (the water/sea) similar to how the pose refs is + when it comes to witch while shes in land something that fits how dark she is (not sure if I am making sense?). ▪ Text on DP: one with Hiroki & ElementaI and one with Marshall & Ibrahim, and lastly Hiroki & Exelius ▪ Paypal email: There will be 2 emails since payment will be cut into halves, just let me know when we should pay. ▪ Final Price: $25 (thats what it says? but let me know if its otherwise)
  10. Hiroki

    ☆bubblegum and cigarettes ☆ 4/4

    Cute artstyle! Gl both of you with the shop :)
  11. They love it! thank you :)
  12. Hey! Pose: in refs OCs: males - females Screens: males - females Text on DP: one with Hiroki and one with Marshall Watermark: one with Hiroki and one with Marshall Border: sure thanks for considering!
  13. Hiroki

    Let's Practice ●◡●

    Wow! I love it! he looks amazing. and yes its a syringe. Thank you so much!

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