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  1. Hiroki

    mya's free shoppu

    Hi ocs: males - females text: Hiroki thanks for considering
  2. Hiroki

    Trying different styles! (FULL)

    hey Refs/OC: males - females Name on DP?: Hiroki Do you want a watermark? If so, saying what?: yes, Hiroki Boarder?: yes If only two colors are used, what colors?: black and white Do you mind color pop art or only using solid basic color wheel?: idm Do you mind realistic looking art?:nope Do you mind doll/cartoon art?:nope Do you mind chibi art?:nope Details you want on it?: all in refs thanks for considering
  3. Hiroki

    🖤Flash free sketches 🖤 (2/5) Break

    hey! Size : dp crop / shoulders Name on dp : Hiroki Watermark : Hiroki Character Ref : x Background (Leave blank for no BG) : whatever fits Animation : sure thanks for considering
  4. Hiroki

    turd art

    :') so accurate. LOL
  5. Hiroki

    Needing Help

    hey! if you wanna do a couple Screenie/ Oc/ Adopt: my bf and I personas Reference: ^ Text: one with Ulriamu ♡ Hiroki and one with William ♡ Marshall ps: Ulriamu/William is the top. Hiroki/Marshall is the bottom this is important to know. if not here: Screenie/ Oc/ Adopt: males - females Reference: ^ Text: one with Hiroki and one with Marshall thanks for considering!
  6. Hiroki

    turd art

    me and bf's persona draw him like working on laptop or something and me tryna catch/look for his attention caption: give me attention and love pls
  7. Hiroki

    i'm lost and i wanna draw

    hey! ocs: males - females text: Hiroki thanks for considering
  8. Hiroki

    drop ur ocs baybee - FULL

    Cant wait to see what youll draw
  9. Hiroki

    Ayy let's practice (TEMP)

    oof I love these so much
  10. Hiroki

    Lets try again

    hey! screens: males - females ocs: males - females text: Hiroki thanks for considering!
  11. Hiroki

    Maybe Practicing Chibs

    oh my! you didnt mess him up at all! hes so freaking cute!!!! ahhh! thank you so much for drawing him ;w;
  12. Hiroki

    rats' baller freebies [open]

    hey! ocs: males - females text: Hiroki ballin as heck thanks for considering!
  13. Hiroki

    drop ur ocs baybee - FULL

    Aw shoot, late. not sure if we are allowed to still post or not :o

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