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  1. hi lets try draw stuff yay help

    Ah! its so good so far!
  2. Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    my male ocs: x my female ocs: x my male screens: x my female screens: x text: one text version with Hiroki and another text version with Marshall, if just one text then Hiroki will do :) All of these belong to me, please don't steal or sell anything as premade from my ocs or screens, please tag me/pm me the artwork you did if you chose to do any ^^ Pixel divider credit
  3. [2018] Lunar New Year Celebration

    Saehae bok mani badeuseyo! Hope that I am not late. I just saw this ;w; the overlays are so cute.
  4. Inspire Me

    Welcome back, also thats a beautiful piece!
  5. Do you remember me? (DpEdit)

    Hey Form Screen: youll find it in here Old Dp: Text: Hiroki thanks for considering
  6. Hey! Form: Text: one with Hiroki and one with Marshall Reference: refs and screens all here for Akuhei thanks for considering
  7. Hey guys help me improve!

    Hey! amazing art ocs: x text: Hiroki thanks for considering
  8. 일각수 🌈 // Open

    Thats so pretty
  9. ✿ Screenshots for u ✿

    @ArmFap tells me both links dont exist
  10. ❥ Boba Tea ❥ (Open) 2/3 ❥

    Yes I love it!
  11. free dps so I can practice c:

    I love it! Thank you
  12. free dps so I can practice c:

  13. I love ittttttttttttt, thank you lovely <3
  14. ❥ Boba Tea ❥ (Open) 2/3 ❥

    yesss surprise me

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