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  1. Themisto

    need some practice

    heres a wip
  2. Themisto

    Testing, testing! [Anime style]

    References [ hair/eyes/clothes/etc.] :ramira u can change her clothes if u want <33 Mood/Theme/Aesthetic [either a picture or text] : cute/fluffy something like this Back story [ If any, more for fun and so I get to know your ocs better as well! ]: How did you get/create your OC: she was inspired by my gaia avi lol
  3. Themisto

    need some practice

    gonna do some of these tomorrow
  4. Themisto

    need some practice

    hii post ur refrences might do some big art or dp art maybe pixels idk pls try to include poses & bgs you'd like include what u want for text & one of ur fav songs some samples of things u might get
  5. Themisto

    Ayy let's practice (TEMP)

    hii text : themisto screenies&ocs:cliccky ay caramba ty for consideration
  6. Themisto

    git gud @ self / Full

    text :themisto refs : ocs + avis Fun stuff like the ramona lisa + more Jack black reactment ty for consideration beware of cursed images
  7. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (READ RULES!!!)

    claim @Careworn sorry its not colored i kept on redrawign and coloring it but i just couldnt get it right hopefully the gif will make up for it @Xilatr AHHH IM IN LUV TYYYY UR COLORING IS SOP NICE EWRTSRGJH could u change the name sinner to sinnsr if not thts ok i still rlyl love it hh
  8. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (READ RULES!!!)

    @adoptees @parvus thank u !! she looks so cute
  9. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (READ RULES!!!)

    claim @Mya @Brimeggy TYYY
  10. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (READ RULES!!!)

    @Myai think i went a lil crazy lmaoo @Lavender tyy it looks super cute !!
  11. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (READ RULES!!!)

    @starlites @Toy thank uuu its super cute
  12. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (READ RULES!!!)

    claim @Levudazed @TheElf aaa thank u !! shes super cute
  13. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (READ RULES!!!)

    @Max hope u like it @Reine AAA ITS SO CUTE THANK U
  14. Themisto

    Work In Progress

    im trying to make a dp edit/screenie edit 4 the first time its so hard idk how other ppl do it gfhjkl
  15. Themisto

    Artist of the Moment

    i’d like my name down for the artist of the moment

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