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About Themisto

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  1. Themisto

    Fill my space babe need with your art!

    hii i would love to draw xia or judy prices: full body couples w/ partial color are 30k full body couples with full color are 35k full body w/ partial color are 20k full body w/ full color are 25k couple dps are 19k regular dps are 10k animations are +1k (blushing, blinking) samples:
  2. Themisto

    too many ocs, not enough art

    /slams fist is that gholapis's art?? ur ocs are v cute prices: $5 for a dp $10 for a full body with partial color $15 for a full body w/ color any animation is +$1 (blushing ,blinking)
  3. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (Announcement pg.40)

    @adoptees @parvus thank u !! she looks so cute
  4. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (Announcement pg.40)

    claim @Mya @Brimeggy TYYY
  5. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (Announcement pg.40)

    @Myai think i went a lil crazy lmaoo @Lavender tyy it looks super cute !!
  6. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (Announcement pg.40)

    @starlites @Toy thank uuu its super cute
  7. themisto's premades Hii welcome to my premade shop Anything without a price under it is $5 where to send payments imvu: themisto Paypal email: pepepepepepe299@gmail.com meme dps Standard beach episode -1 dp Price :$3 Regular dps Triangles -a repaint What she drinkin Edge lord Flower oo Adopts and other things Spder girl ?? Comes with: -1 full body -one blinking pixel -one rough rotation animation price:$25 sold :
  8. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (Announcement pg.40)

    claim @Levudazed @TheElf aaa thank u !! shes super cute
  9. hii how much should i sell her for ? i also made her a theme here
  10. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (Announcement pg.40)

    @Max hope u like it @Reine AAA ITS SO CUTE THANK U
  11. Themisto

    Work In Progress

    im trying to make a dp edit/screenie edit 4 the first time its so hard idk how other ppl do it gfhjkl
  12. Themisto

    Artist of the Moment

    i’d like my name down for the artist of the moment
  13. Themisto

    IRL Photos

    A good boy but I wish he would stop trying to eat his own poop
  14. Themisto

    Draw the person above you! (Announcement pg.40)

    @Noxey i hope u like it !! @Oikawa WOw I LOVE ??? you made my ram baby look so cute ksskkdkdfjnfnffj
  15. Themisto

    Sing the song above you!

    i tried lol sing this

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