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  1. ✶Starry Night✶

    That looks amazing-o!
  2. [2018] Lunar New Year Celebration

    Happy Lunar New Years~~ /Dogs forever, go us. #dogyear.
  3. Artwork Lost & Found

    Ahh, thank you! I'll def edit it. :D
  4. Artwork Lost & Found

    Ahum, I found these pieces in my files, currently have em marked as -, until I know name. I know for sure I ordered them on the old GASR site.. I believe. Hope they can be found!
  5. ✶Starry Night✶

    @Kuy Ahh sorry sweetie, this pose. If that's okay, I'll put it in form and PP.
  6. ✶Starry Night✶

    Hello sweetie dear! I've returned :D Art looking good at usual. Estilo/style: Single Pantallas/screeniess : Face/Eyes Ref (Emerald Green Eyes); Outfit ; Hair ; Just can the hair color be a blossom pink. (Use these as exact please.) Pose Base Características adicionales/Aditional features: (Same girl I had you draw before.) Light skin and This choker . Texto/ Text: Sakura Hope that works dearier. >o< Ask if any questions; also your banner isn't working. It just shows the link to here, not the picture. TY
  7. RAINBOW - (0/3) OPEN

    Lookin' good.
  8. @Parasites That's perfectly fine and thank you so so much, looks amazing. :D
  9. @Parasites Proof Hope that went through! And ahum, you got a lot on your profile, might try for doing by seasons theme, kawaii, uh oriental or cutsey and other things. It's really up to you, everyone has different tastes so ya. xD Oh and different styles! Like couples or chibi's, if you're good with doing that. xD
  10. @Parasites Hi hi dearieeee, these are amazingggg. I love em so much, Imma order two, if that's okay. :o I like the styles, I'd suggest putting up more variety after, if you want. It might get you more. :P just my two cents. Premade : Moon Text : Tsu; watermark; Tsukumo Price : $8.00 --- Premade : Quickie #1 Text : Suzu; watermark; Tsukumo Price : $2.00 I'd gladly buy like two others from you; but I'm running low on monies too. ;o; But I really love the styles!
  11. @Ayumi You're welcome love. :D
  12. @Ayumi Uho, I'm so dead in love with your art! It's very very pretty and beautiful I just love the styles, like outta this world. xD
  13. RAINBOW - (0/3) OPEN

    @ISow Heyo, I'd like to cancel my order, it's been a while and I haven't gotten a response.. and don't got the funds for it anymore. x-x Sorry in advance.
  14. »Zeffie's premade shoppu« [4]

    @Zef Ahhh these looks so great, I'm glad you're able to do animation now. I think it looks perfectly fine! But great work and good luck hun, If I had thy funds I'd get one. xD 100% support.

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