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tumblr_ll7xdypSeR1qi6qow.gif Name Moo ( My Brother is Wrathdark @imvu) Lvl 26 Pansexual Weirder Than You 420 Friendly I have Discord It

🐄LiLMooMoo🐄#5474, I like video games, anime, plushies, books, porn, I'm perv just saying,  I have a daughter that 6.  I Volunteer lot, one is none  kill animal shelter, homeless shelter every  Thanksgiving and Christmastumblr_ll7xdypSeR1qi6qow.gif 

🖤🖤Contests/Challenges Has Started, Come Join The Fun!!🖤🖤
Unique Agency, Where You Come To Life & Be Yourself & We're FUN!
We're Accepting All Modeling Experiences From New To Advanced! If You're New To Modeling Look No Further! We Offer Lessons In Our Academy!
ღCurrently Seekingღ
✓ Models (Male & Female)
✓ Judges (1 Main Judges & 2 Temporary/Standby)
✓ Soapbox Designers
✓ Sponsorship (Prices & Application)

Join Our Application Group: http://www.imvu.com/groups/group/Stellar|Modeling+Application+Group/

Please go fill out the Application forums in the group. We will look at them as soon as We are able to.
✯SIDE NOTE: If you have any problems joining the group please contact me or one of the Staff or Co-Owner's to get an invite into the group & ONLY SERIOUS APPLICATIONS PLEASE!✯


ƮϦαɳk Ψөu for you patience!







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