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  1. get to work 10-3 sitting there just watching videos cool getting paid to sit on my ass  :oeyes:

  2. kinda want wedding peach tattoo, it anime btw 🤔

  3. :oeyes:what happened to your shop 

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    2. LiLMooMoo


      awe make sure you sleep and to rest your hands so you don't hurt them, love, :blove:

    3. Dykz


      LOL I JUST LIKE ... idk honestly what I imagined: with my hands in like little blankets on pillows and I'm just like "shshh rest, my babies"...oh god i think its time for bed .

    4. Dykz
  4. GASR's Charity Auction 2018


    I think I dead QwQ
  5. I miss @Dykz art so much :lazerollcry:

  6. Christmas Charity


    I would love to give money to people who need it, I Volunteer at homeless shelter every year and make food and stuff, random side note I once give all my Xmas to people who needed it more than me even a new Xbox 1 I made 5-year girl very happy
  7. :fartsies:

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    2. Blueberry


      Welcome to GASR!♥

      This is the newer GASR site. :o It's quite fancy I would say. I get some art on here and DA!



    3. LiLMooMoo


      yeah I was on the old one and I like the new one lot much easier to use well for me that is 

    4. Blueberry


      I understand. o: 

  8. Hey there and welcome to GASR!  If you ever need assistance, please don't hesitate to use the options sent to you via PM!  The current staff list can be found here.   :byaslove:


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