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  1. I've come to support you and show you some love bby Keep up the good work
  2. auction by capsule | 260usd

    Hoooooly shit. This is wild. Full on supporting it, good luck and gratz to the winner
  3. FORM Character name(s): Rin References: Clicky Theme: Kawaii, neko Text: Rin
  4. Ahhhhh I absolutely adore your Homestuck art! I'd love to get a piece by you, inspired by Meulin, who is my favourite character in the universe! I'll deffo be back when you're open again :3
  5. DP & FREE BUST-UP!! / FULL !

    Oh yay, I'm super excited ;u;
  6. DP & FREE BUST-UP!! / FULL !

    FORM Main ref : Clicku Text : Rin Animation : Ear twitch Total : 17$ Email : faelinae@gmail.com
  7. League of Legends

    Now I remember why I don't play with you anymore.
  8. I absolutely adore these layouts aaaaaaaaaaa
  9. (0) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful time. And eat a lot of cake.
  10. Feelings Thread

    I wish I could just get that Genji off my ass without drama.
  11. Feelings Thread

    That tends to be a massive problem with Overwatch, or more or less all games that have an implemented voice chat option inside of them. I will rarely run into normal people that will be completely unfazed when I talk in voice chat and just continue playing as if I was a dude that spoke. But often, people just jump on the hate wagon. At the same time, I've played a lot of games where women would straight up just start bitching in voice chat, barking out orders and commands and just be very obnoxious in general, so I can see where the hate predispositions are coming from.
  12. Feelings Thread

    Ey I mean kudos to them, can't really blame them for finding a way to make fat cash, no? I dont really watch streamers, any for that matter because I'd rather play games myself than watch other play them. It was a clip I saw on youtube. It's one of those moments where you just kinda feel sad for the humankind, at least I did.

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