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  1. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    Reference: Boop ★ Background idea: Boop ★. (Also in the stash just in case) Face Type (cute or mature): Cute Expression: Boop ★. (Also in the stash just in case) Pose: Boop ★. (Also in the stash just in case) Text: Oriaru for one. Ori for another. Animation: Blinking, ears moving/twitching, her eyes and constellation freckles glowing and falling sparkles. Price: $69? Will adjust price as needed. Note: My galaxy baby! Feel free to go nuts and have fun with the piece ♥.
  2. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    @Y0UIAhhh they are so beautiful. I can't thank you enough for your wonderful and outstanding work once again!
  3. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    Even though we messaged on discord, just wanted to tell you again how gorgeous they both are. Also I have no idea why my phone wigged out so hard last night. I'm starting to think we have a cell tower or two out in my area.
  4. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    @Y0UIThe internal fangirl screaming is real. I love it so much! *cry*
  5. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    (COUPLE)Reference: Boop~ Background idea: Attached inside the stash. Face Type (cute or mature): Mature for him, cute for her.Expression: Same as in the pose reference.Pose: Attached inside the stash. Text: Ruvyn and Rivina.Animation: Ear twitch. Blinking. Eyes and unicorn horns glowing (red glow).Price: $138~ Can adjust as needed.Note: Go crazy and have fun! Just give it a sort of mystical vibe.
  6. Post Your Mood With A GIF

    Just enjoying my food and watching Netflix.
  7. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    @Y0UI I can't even. Words can't describe how happy I am with everything! Truthfully I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work yesterday. You can for sure expect me to be back soon! ♥♥♥
  8. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    @Y0UI You've really outdone yourself this time, words cannot express how gorgeous she is. Every time I bring a character forward for you to draw, you manage to bring them to life in ways I'd never have imagined. I always love all your artwork you've done for me, but this, this is more than I can begin to express. You've captured her in the perfect way and managed to make her so magical and lively.
  9. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    Sounds like a plan! I'll leave discord running on my phone. But I have the whole day off tomorrow! Rest well, I'll speak to you soon!
  10. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    @Y0UI Oh my goodness. She's absolutely gorgeous, more beyond anything I could have imagined. Everything is perfect so far! No changes sweetie❤.
  11. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    xD Yesss. I've been stashing money away waiting for the perfect idea to pop up, I knew I was going to end up splurging on your artwork sooner or later. I managed to fix the link for you, hopefully (fingers crossed) it works now.
  12. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    Reference: BeepExpression: Expression Idea Background idea: Underwater theme. Something like this, without the ruins in the back. Face Type (cute or mature): CutePose: Pose Idea Pose Idea 2 | Whichever pose you think would look best is fine.Text: Pearl Animation(complex or not): Blinking, slight movement in her tentacles, glowing spots on her skin (body and face) and tentacles.Background or transparent: Background.Price: $94? I think *3*;; if the price needs adjusted, let me know.Note: If have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord ♡.
  13. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    @Y0UI Oh my god. It's so freaking gorgeous. Thank you again for always doing such beautiful work love ♥
  14. Anime/Manga Chat

    Oh snap. I didn't even knew this could exist. To be honest I'm kind of old school and some of my favorites are/were Ghost in the Shell and Inuyasha. But holy crackers Wolf's Rain gave me so many feels, even when I re-watch for nostalgia. .Hack//Sign was another good one. #OldTimer.
  15. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    @Y0UI Money sent sweetie ♥! I'll send you the proof over discord. @WyntersHeart Prepare for the best DP girly!

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