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  1. last two still available in my premade shop!  c:


  2. @skink all done! pming you the imgur album in a sec c:! Thank you for ordering!! She was so fun to do~
  3. @skink color update for you before I shade/clean and start to animate! Let me know if you have any changes/add ons!!
  4. Got it! Thank you!! Your name has been added to the rewards list
  5. Great! Invoice is on its way! Next time I ping will be for the color wip! c:
  6. @skink Wip for you! Lmk of any changes you'd like! If all is good I'll go ahead and send the invoice, then continue on her! c:
  7. Found here:
  8. Found here:
  9. 4 new ones up! Found here


  10. ♛ UWU - $30 Available | On Hold | Sold Comes with: -Animated & Static 160x220 - Pride flag can be changed free, and you get a pin-less version as well ♛Love Power - $30 Available | On Hold | Sold Comes with: -Animated & Static 160x220 ♛Pride - $30 Available | On Hold | Sold Comes with: -Animated & Static 160x220 ♛ Pastel Pals - $35 Available | On Hold | Sold Comes with: -Animated & Static 160x220
  11. Darksiders

    "Stuffie" Premade

    Sold to Hiroki!
  12. Hiya, accepted!! You can go ahead and pm me the details! ´・ᴗ・`
  13. Finally re-open via gasr! Here's a discord order I just finished uwu Slots are opennn~
  14. Darksiders


    Custom waist up for @Jahh
  15. He's perfect love! He came out so amazing IMMMMM!!! SO HAPpy! Payment sent!
  16. Heya bb! Can the hairstyle something like this. ty!
  17. Premade: Cyberoni Text & watermark: Mac/Darksiders Total: 35
  18. FORM: Ocs/Ref (Must be drawn out. Avatar form must be clear): will pm! Style: the pixel chibs! Name on Art (One name only): ---- Payment/Tips: 16 euro + tip + my idea ima pm I will also pm you about a possible BG idea! the new styles are so so cute lee!!
  19. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH I'm so incredibly happy to be surrounded by friends and family that support me for who I am, especially from my best friend who knew me by another name and as another person. There was no questioning, no hate, just love and support. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by new and old friends who are the best beans in the WHORLD (except for jah apparently) I am proud to be Mac!!
  20. 𝓕𝓸𝓻𝓶 Name: Merk and Blaize Reference: Merk: https://sta.sh/2x7izp82ibd Blaize: https://sta.sh/2wem0n96hvw Type: Half Addition options: Blaize has lightening refs in her pose folder, can she be doing that pose with her lightening? dp crop: please! extra: pose for merk is artistic freedommm. Can merk have the rainbow nose bleed, its in the expressions refs! You can pick any outfit for merk and for blaize, outfit labeled "comfy" please! Price: $24? for a bribe. But lmk how much with the lightening!
  21. All yours, thank you!! You can go ahead and pm and Ill get the files ready c: and will do on the suggestion ;^)
  22. Sure!! The links above, I just linked to Booped!
  23. Ahh sorry im a dummy I forgot to delete the other one!! She's currently on hold! But I will make more like herrrr, if you wanna join my discord I post premades there before I post them on gasr c: and also post wips to claim!

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