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by katoxpinyin




r.gif.9c2932074b4ae593ad272e13ef20016c.gifMy stats:dd3ofyf-50f8a43a-640a-4434-a8fd-2c50f611313b.gif.d8cbfcc49f1dedbcc23fffae756d269f.gif

Private commissions: Open 

Mental status: yeet

Uni: I'M FREE BITCH (Next semester stars late August)

Join my new discord! :bgoodjob:



by adorelee




Mac | 21 | He/Him | Wiccan | Leo | Japanese & Black | philly

 local Darksiders enthusiast~:cutefingergun:


and heres my gang:

@Sabbu @Valkyrie @Playtime @Elliee @Hailee @Jahh @Pantsus 


@ElliernKrahe.png.2640ac3c274e154abbbfc9beac65824b.png sketch-1554433579652.thumb.png.d1e3df47063fe6b8f2ab65e3539c93d6.png@Opertum





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Seeing Monsta x 8/10/19!!


  • skulls, bones, and skeletons

  • prog/djent/death metal

  • wanima

  • kpop (monbebe, once, orbit, shawol)

  • anime

  • rainy weather

  • ffxv, dragon age inq, darksiders, bayonetta

  • rainbows now i guess..


  • living

Other art credit:  | Ellie couple art - Krahe | Dani couple art - Syncelia | Amber couple art - Adorelee



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