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  1. last two still available in my premade shop!  c:


  2. @skink all done! pming you the imgur album in a sec c:! Thank you for ordering!! She was so fun to do~
  3. @skink color update for you before I shade/clean and start to animate! Let me know if you have any changes/add ons!!
  4. Got it! Thank you!! Your name has been added to the rewards list
  5. Great! Invoice is on its way! Next time I ping will be for the color wip! c:
  6. @skink Wip for you! Lmk of any changes you'd like! If all is good I'll go ahead and send the invoice, then continue on her! c:
  7. Found here:
  8. Found here:
  9. 4 new ones up! Found here


  10. ♛ UWU - $30 Available | On Hold | Sold Comes with: -Animated & Static 160x220 - Pride flag can be changed free, and you get a pin-less version as well ♛Love Power - $30 Available | On Hold | Sold Comes with: -Animated & Static 160x220 ♛Pride - $30 Available | On Hold | Sold Comes with: -Animated & Static 160x220 ♛ Pastel Pals - $35 Available | On Hold | Sold Comes with: -Animated & Static 160x220
  11. Darksiders

    "Stuffie" Premade

    Sold to Hiroki!
  12. Hiya, accepted!! You can go ahead and pm me the details! ´・ᴗ・`
  13. Finally re-open via gasr! Here's a discord order I just finished uwu Slots are opennn~

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