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Mac - 21 - he/him 
Black and Japanese 
Wiccan - infp

Yo waddup I'm mac, I'm a junior in college for Game Art and I have an unhealthy obsession with a video game character who was only in the game for 2 seconds, found only in one area and didn't even have a quest to give.


Attention: If you can draw me and Draven , hmu  for a commission 


Djent/Prog metal,
Mcdonalds, Darksiders, Kpop,

Dragon Age, Salads, Being alone,

Monster High,  Aquaman, Anime,

Video games, Tater tots, Rats,
Overwatch League, FFXV,  Rythmn Games,

Rainy weather
Soulsborne speed runs and lore


Copy cats,

Being talked over, Hot weather,
Butterflies and owls,

Rumors, Fake people & Petty drama,
Bly (@sabbu run up), Being used



- 16.5 hour run of Darksiders 1 on apocalyptic
- re ran a 94 hour save file of dragon age inq and completed it in 27 hours
- didnt kill myself after finishing ffxv
- one of fragis discord and twitch mods🙏🏽
- met fusion 5/12/18



Support me!

If you already do, thank you from the bottom of my cold dying heart, I love you! 

siggy-eternalthrone.gif.21978720ab48b0dd88df24c8931e0191.gif Siggy-pizza.png


The little Kyldriss pixel at the top is by Ayumi

and the banner art is by MangoLord


Fav Gallery:

By: Gobezgif.com-resize.gif.9fe23c030ba882c60c99a2696ecb7e6c.gif.77689ffc02b322a233a3e65b2edbea4d.gifYEEEET.png.3ccaf129dcb1a2a8dd599e342bf01a38.pngBy: MangoLord












About Us

GASR (Graphic Arts Services & Requests) is a creative marketplace and home to all artists, regardless of skill level or craft. Whether you want to offer your services, commission an artist for a project, improve your current skill set with our available resources, share your own creations, or make friends with others who share the same interests, GASR has something to offer everyone!


Graphic Arts:  Any form of visual artistic expression.  (e.g. traditional and digital painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, graphic design, etc.)

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