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Darksiders received the most reactions on March 21

Darksiders received positive reactions!

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 "mooonn rivverrr, wider than a milleeee....im crossing you in style...SOME DAYY.. OHHH DREAAM MAKER!!! YOU HEART BREAKER!!! WHErE EVER YOURE gOiNg !!! IM gOING YoUr wAy!!!!!!!!!" 


Mac | 21 | He/Him | Wiccan | Japanese & Black | philly

your local Darksiders enthusiast~:cutefingergun:



and heres my gang: 

@Sabbu  @Wrath @Carvings @Baah

@Playtime @Elliern @Hailee


Customs/work status:

Private commissions: Hiatus as I catch up with private orders

Uni: mon-thurs



  • skulls, bones, and skeletons

  • prog/djent/death metal

  • wanima

  • kpop (monbebe, once, orbit, shawol)

  • anime

  • rainy weather

  • ffxv, dragon age inq, darksiders, bayonetta

  • rainbows now i guess..





Low fps

Art credit: @Kookyan 


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