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  1. ⚓ ░ s e a s • t h e • d a y ░ ⚓

    @Babydoll don’t know if flamingo glory is your taste? And @Cymette glitter moon?

    Guilty is gorgeous, don’t know if you like it @Cymette
  3. Serendipity - 2 - ANNOUNCEMENT LAST PAGE

    @Cymettethanks for tagging me haven’t been on all day looks like I missed her she was so perfect though! Thank you!
  4. The Collaboration [2] NEW BY KNECK!

    @Lunna I think it’s you who likes dark skinned babes, not sure if it’s 100% your style but #16 is pretty fine
  5. closing ✌🏻

    @Morvium no problems lovely! I saw the green and was like ooooh this totally suits Mor
  6. closing ✌🏻

    @Morvium emerald witch looks up your street possibly?
  7. closing ✌🏻

    @Caedis Little devil looks like something you’d love!

    @Babydoll Thank you lovely! Just waiting for confirmation as it changed to claimed straight after I posted the form so I’m unsure if it’s me or not! Fingers crossed she’s gorgeous! Sorciere had a slot open for customs and I pm-ed her for it but she never saw it so I think someone else got it so I’m wondering if I’ve lost out on this too I hope not she’s super cute!

    -FORM- Premade #: Happy Valentines Day Username: Reside Direct Payment: Yes $50? Not sure from the post
  10. I wanna know how to send cards CRI thank you @Cymette my little GASR love who sent me this card :k3: CANNOT BREATHE AT THE DAB DD5D9566-052E-4C40-8880-2F9F41649CCC.png.2b0608b1eea167a9cedbe68c4cac3e60.png

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    2. Kita


      There's a form you fill in that's on the event page, where you can choose which card, an additional message if you want and who to send it to. You then send that form to Jimi the mailman, and on the 14th, he sends out the card(s) to you loved ones! :bgoodjob:

    3. Reside


      @Kita oooooh thank you! Bit late now though right?  

    4. Kita


      You're welcome, lovely! Yas, it's finished for this year, but there's always next year. :lazeshowoff:


    Storm is stunning!
  12. @TaiyaChan please do more bodies with plushies, they are so perfect
  13. One day I’ll own a piece of your art bedtime was gorgeous
  14. ☠ Ritual ☠

    PREMADE NAME: Silence TEXT/NAME ON PREMADE: Reside CHANGES/ANIMATION:(Optional, Charges apply) nope TOTAL PRICE: $66
  15. Serendipity - 2 - ANNOUNCEMENT LAST PAGE

    She’d be stunning with black hair well even more stunning cause she looks amazing so far! Love your dark themed stuff @Nova!

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