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  1. I'm selling: this pretty cute one eyed girl. :p Price: $6 Status: Available.
  2. Pssssst, you've got yourself a typo there.
  3. RainingPestilence > Amara <3

    lonely island creep GIF

  4. It has recently come to my attention... That you all need to know something.

    :phearteyes:You're cute. <3 :phearteyes:



  5. Would anyone else like to get featured on our social media sites? Been a while since someone else last posted.

    Just thought I'd let anyone who could see this know o.o

    Gasr has more than one site! please come follow our

    Twitter, Tumblr, Deviant Art, Instagram and Facebook pages <3

    - your friendly neighborhood Amara:Ghostiesayurihime7:

    1. Ophelia


      When did you become a moderator? :bapplause: I just noticed!

    2. Amara


      I'm the Social Media Specialist love, I've been so for almost a month now :hearteyesKIT:

  7. OH MAH LAWD I love her so much <3 she's flippin cute as shit, thank you, for taking the time to do her <333
  8. :hearteyesKIT:Suuuupah excite on this whole Social Media stuff. :hearteyesKIT:


  9. im super excited, and you dont have to make her all dark ^^ there's a couple kawaii outfits in there lol or make her all your own <3
  10. Allo, since there wasn't a form to post, I figured we'd post our own?, im glad you made a thread and I really adore the kawaii, neko girl you've done on your home page. This is my oc, Amara. Clicky Thank you, for looking at least. <3
  11. @teddybearsouls I was chosen to be your Secret Santa <3 I adoreeee Arletta, and drew her a few times lmao, I really hope you like it. I love it so freaking much @lSinny Thank you <3333

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