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Hello everyone!~ First of all thank you so much for your support and your messages, it really means a lot to me ;w; ♥ 

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- Updated on August 28, 2019 -

  • My layouts shop is now officially closed for the next 3 months due university classes. On my free time I may accept like 1-2 PM orders.
  • As soon I finish with my layouts orders I'm gonna open my customs shop with some limitations.


♥ Please, if you have any kind of question, don't hesitate to PM me ♥

♡ Welcome! ♡
♥ About me ♥

Hello! ^u^

-IMVU: Saiph
-Role: fangirl
-Nicknames: Saiph, Sai, Glo
-Location: North of Mexico

-Likes: anime, manga, BL, shoujo, fashion, pixel art,

action & mystery movies, lingerie, girly stuff, goth stuff, webtoons, yandere sim.

-Dislikes: Harry Potter, insects, LoL, hamburgers, copycats, art theft.


My english is not the best, sorry ;-;

♥ Shops 

Check the  My artwork  and  Albums  tabs to see some examples ^_^

  • My layout's shop will always be my priority because they take more time.
  • You must order by filling the form, this is the only way to hold your slot or claim a premade.
  • I won't accept your order if your form is incomplete.
♥ La Mamacita's custom layouts  ♥ Saiph's customs 
  • Click HERE to take a look!
  • Custom layouts
  • Products pages
  • PYOC premades! (0)
  • Occasional exclusive layouts
  • Click HERE to take a look!
  • Simple & detailed icons
  • Badges descriptions
  • Products pages
  • Banners
  • IMVU room image
  • Headers & subheaders
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♥ Talented artists 

Waifus | hholkeSPEKTR4 | Hima | Diablillo | Ukie | WaifuMichelle | Kurai | Fawna

Sewn | Aunanaki | Yukori | Jae | taetae | Ephemera | princepol


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