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  1. REUNIONS vol. 4 [ 0 ]

    @Latex Thank you! It’s quite exciting :) Freelancing is always a bit tricky and this is my first big project. Never did any office interior design before :’D But the people I’m working with are really nice and this is such good practise + experience
  2. REUNIONS vol. 4 [ 0 ]

    Thank you! Sending right away :)
  3. REUNIONS vol. 4 [ 0 ]

    Thank you I just really miss making premades ; _ ; Thank you very much! She's all yours :)
  4. REUNIONS vol. 4 [ 0 ]

    Hi guys! I was offered an interior design project/job for an office floor out of the blue a couple of weeks back and it's on a really tight schedule so I haven't had time to finish any premades :( I've also been working on one bigger piece for someone which has taken me quite a while (almost finished though). On top of this I'm participating in an office building architectural competition which is taking all the extra time I have. I don't know yet when I'll be able to post more art, but just wanted you to know I'm still alive. (barely tho) + Martini is now down to 20 USD. If she's still here next week I'll take her down and she'll be gone forever. (Maybe I should just use her myself. I haven't made or ordered a new DP in years. Literally.)
  5. REUNIONS vol. 4 [ 0 ]

    So fast! Sold to you :) @Sleepy Thank you!
  6. REUNIONS vol. 4 [ 0 ]

    New one up :) It's so weird how one gets rusty with only one month break .-. +New layout :D
  7. REUNIONS vol. 4 [ 0 ]

    Hi guys! I've been working on some new pieces again :) But first I thought I'd give an oldie another chance... So Martini..? is up again, with a discount, of course ;)
  8. Show off your latest creation!

    New premade "Seductress" Really quite happy with how this turned out
  9. Show off your latest creation!

    Wanted to try animating the whole face on a premade. Took absolute ages (a week), not sure I'd like to do this again...
  10. REUNIONS vol. 4 [ 0 ]

    REUNIONS vol. 4 Hi! I’m Anni and this will be my temp shop for a little while. :) premade shop. I'm surprised I've been able to keep this going for this long! Thank you all for the support! As some of you may have guessed, the name of the shop is a nod to the fact, that I keep disappearing and appearing regularily and as a result there are many reunions. :D R U L E S First come, first serve. Do not edit the images in any way! Do not claim the picture was made by you! Do not resell! Do not steal! And so on... No textless! I will add a “main text” as well as a watermark to avoid theft. Please use the form when ordering. P A Y M E N T I only accept PayPal. I will send you an invoice to the email provided. I will send you the image(s) through PM once I’ve received the payment. No refunds By posting a form, you agree with these rules. . S A M P L E S O F P R E V I O U S W O R K . A V A I L A B L E P R E M A D E S NEW Name: N/A Price: N/A One normal + one animated NEW Name: N/A Price: N/A One normal + one animated Name: N/A Price: N/A F O R M Premade name: Price: Main text: Watermark: (GASR or IMVU username) Email address for invoice: (can also be sent through PM)

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