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About me



✿ Name: Mya

✿ Age: 18

✿ Location: Texas

✿ Time zone: CT

✿ Zodiac: Capricorn

✿ Orientation: Demi-bisexual

✿ Hobbies: drawing and music


Follow me on my social media:

✿ Instagram: myamariex

✿ Snapchat: ask me

✿ Twitter: mya_mariex

✿ Deviantart: myaxmarie

✿ Twitch: myamarie_

✿ Discord: mya#6045



(✿ ♥‿♥): drawing, sleeping 24/7, romantic movies, horrors, cozy sweaters, winter, spring, flowers, sunny days, night time, coffee, watching tv shows, buying art, kawaii things, vintage/hippie things, old films, rock/alternative music, r&b, candles, spending money, shopping, buying random shit online, etc..




p(●`□´●)q: racists, bullies, dull colors, homophobes, unsweetened tea, cake, allergies, rude people, people who stare at you for no reason, sharks, oceans, being dirty, my face, mornings, etc




♥ You're puurfect 


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