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Hi my name is Mya and I’m 17 years old.
I have severe depression and anxiety.
I'm very quite and I like to stay in my room majority of the time.
I have 2 pets (Princess and Milo), a Chihuahua and Siamese cat. 
I enjoy reading, music, shopping, makeup, and supporting GASR artists and buying art.
I like pizza, cats, dogs, alternative & rock, sleeping, fashion, pink, guro, nature, shoes, and coffee m&ms.
I like horror, romantic, comedy, drama, and coming of age movies. (Usually the movies about teenagers lol)
I'm a TV show lover as well! I watch so many and I can't list because there's so many that I love so I don't exactly have a favorite.
thank you for viewing my page, please feel free to pm me if you want to be friends. 
I'm always up to meeting new people as I'm a very lonely girl. 

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