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Hello and welcome to my bio


Likes: Stuffies,Coloring,Music,Kind people,Badges,Pugs,Ghibli,Zelda,Art,Gaming,The color Pink,Dinosaurs.
Dislikes:Rude people,Clowns,Liars,Too spicy foods,Vanilla,Drama starters,Cat haters and. . . People that dislike Disney 
About: I'm an easy person to get along as long as i am not dragged into stuff that doesn't involve me,Or petty things.I have been doing Edits for almost five years.I love my fur babies Smokey and Bubbles.My hobbies include listening to music,watching Netflix,being weird with my friends,Drawing and having no life.

My loves: Riz,Bunny,Chris,Lloyd,Hannah,Atlas,Dante,Amber,Nae

♥Stevie Has mah heart 3.4.18♥



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