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  1. Due to personal issues, I won't be on here for a few days. If i ordered  art from you please feel free to drop it  in my inbox, That would be really appreciated. Thank you♥




  2. Trying to draw Ed and Winry like :wauhhh:

  3. new uesername suggestions? was thinking of using my imvu user but also wanted to see if there were better ideas.

  4. If anyones looking for cheap and really cute dps pleaseeeee help and order from my babes Rizia. she needs monies for foods and her art is really cute. :bthanks:

  5. :candy_cane_by_maarui-daqzarf::17present::17chrimastree::17crimasgif:


    Holiday emotes!

  6. Merry christmas eve everyone♥:llampret:

    1. Rizia


      Merry Christmas, doll ♥

  7. Figured out how to add video to my profile xD finally :kaa:

  8. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    I myself wasn't too fond of the idea of GASR moving. I'm not really good with adjusting to change let alone being social regardless of it being online or in real. But from my experiences on GASR. The people i do talk to even if its just brief comments in shops have always been positive. The members and Admin are all super friendly and easy to get along with c:
  9. If you want cheap and cute premades. Check out Rizia's premades. she has really cute art and her shop needs more buyers <3

    1. Rizia


      Ahh, silly. Thank you for trying to help♥♥♥

    2. Wrath


      Anytime love! ♥♥♥


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