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  • Birthday 04/05/1996

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  1. Astaris

    ☾ SANCTUARY ☾ | 2/2 |FULL |

    Good luck with your new shop!
  2. Astaris

    ☾ Sanctuary ☾ | (0) |

    @Angel Thank you! I'm so excited. <3 Paid
  3. Astaris

    ☾ Sanctuary ☾ | (0) |

    @Angel Here's the form again! Premade #: 023 Text: April Extra: Would it be possible to have the top and bottom watermark have the name Astaris? Email (can PM): acgo96@gmail.com Changes: darkish brown/brunette hair color and that's all for changes
  4. Astaris

    ☾ Sanctuary ☾ | (0) |

    Premade #: 023 Text: April Extra: Email (can PM): acgo96@gmail.com Before you send the invoice, what kind of changes can be done exactly?
  5. Astaris

    ☾ Sanctuary ☾ | (0) |

    Hahah, this seems fair. I hope the new rules work out. <3
  6. Astaris

    ☾ Sanctuary ☾ | (0) |

    They are literally getting better and better. Can't wait to see what's next!
  7. Astaris

    IRL Photos

    @Krystal Thank you so much! That means a lot <3
  8. Astaris

    IRL Photos

    Everyone is so cute! It me 💃
  9. Astaris

    Feelings Thread

    Back to say that I am doing better than ever! I am very at peace. I've made new friends, picked up photography and lifting weights as a hobby and became a dental assistant. Life goes on! I hope this gives someone out there some hope that things get better.
  10. Astaris

    ☾ Sanctuary ☾ | (0) |

    @Angel No worries! No rush at all. Paid btw!!
  11. Astaris

    ☾ Sanctuary ☾ | (0) |

    Premade #: #011 Text: Astaris Extra: None Email (can PM): acgo96@gmail.com GIRL YESS, I am living for your art. I missed the last few but omg
  12. Astaris

    ♦◊◦ s o l a c e ◦◊♦ - [2] Aries

    This Astrology theme is giving me life! So excited for Aries and Scorpio!
  13. Astaris

    The Collaboration [1] NEW

    Your art is total perfection!
  14. Astaris

    .ɪᴍᴘᴇʀᴄᴇᴘᴛɪʙʟᴇ. [1] NEW

    I agree! The brown hair looks so good already! <3

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