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About Xayah

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  1. Xayah

    *:・゚✧ KIRA KIRA ~ ✧・゚:* hiatus

    Pls reopen soon, I’ve been dying to get a spot but always miss it lmao favorite artist but has no pieces from her what kind of fan girl am I
  2. Xayah

    ❄ SNOWED IN❄ [2/3] $6 Pixel Dolls

    I actually dont play WOW so no haha cx Just needed a snake girl to the collection lol, thanks so much for accepting ❤️
  3. Xayah

    ❄ SNOWED IN❄ [2/3] $6 Pixel Dolls

    O R D E R Pixel Doll Text: Yokai Character: Pose/Expression: i want the pose in the reference, where she's kind of sitting on that phat tail of hers with her legs tucked, maybe change up the arms (im a bad artist and cant do much with arms/hands LOL) For expression you can have her smirking/snake like whatever that means xd Animation: blink, floating, Extra: she has scales, though i didn't draw them. you dont have to make this a defining feature but something a little subtle like a few spots of scales on her tail, arms, face.. All of the drops on her jewelry are supposed to be like teardrops and turquoise colored.. the sash around her neck draping down as well as the bottom part of the top and thong (with the drapings) are see through. (her horns and tail are supposed to be the same as skin tone) Price: $ 7 i think? let me know (if more for complicated its totally okay lol) Note: i was gonna finish drawing it so you could have a full reference but got lazy sry >< let me know if you have any questions im sry if this is too much ToT i just LOVE your dolls like omfg<3
  4. Xayah

    Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    @Y0UI ok im finally caving ToT c-can you do slime girls? x,D
  5. Busy with work so I'm on hiatus at least until January.

  6. Xayah

    ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 3/3/!!

    Omfg yessss ♡♡♡ how much more do i owe you for the sparkles?
  7. Xayah

    ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 3/3/!!

    Sent! Also would it be too late to ask for a more dull colored background and sparkle animation? If it is its totally no worries
  8. Xayah

    ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 3/3/!!

    Dont think so
  9. Xayah

    ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 3/3/!!

    Did you ever see my post? Page 3 O.o @evur
  10. Xayah

    Work In Progress

  11. Xayah

    ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 3/3/!!

    ☆ Form ☆ !!Please draw my Oc!! BRIBE or REGULAR slot: Regular Name/Text (3 max) : Oniichan, Brianna (With Oniichan watermarks on both) Character : x Type draw (anime/pixel) : Pixel Single/couple : Single Pose : x (the girl on the left, same expression too) Background : Your text here. Detail : Playing a game/video game controller Animation : Blink Extra : o3o Type payment : Credits also, am i allowed to post two orders? i want something else done ;w;
  12. Xayah

    Work In Progress

    commission wip o3o
  13. Xayah

    Work In Progress

    cus I'm too excited for Halloween cri

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